Netflix Movies and Shows That Received Nominations and Won Awards in the Golden Globes 2021

Netflix Movies and Shows That Received Nominations and Won Awards in the Golden Globes 2021

After looking forward to award show nights, especially ones like the Academy Awards or the Golden Globe Awards. Not only are they high entertaining, but they also acknowledge and appreciate the cast and crew of movies and shows for their hard work. Netflix this year has outdone its past self, and the deserving people have been awarded Golden Globes accordingly. Here are all the winners and nominees from Netflix that bagged Golden Globes this year.

Netflix Original series at the Golden Globes

It isn’t a less known fact that Squid Game has taken the entertainment world by storm. With that being said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Korean Netflix Original series didn’t fail to make a mark at the Golden Globes. Squid Game was nominated for the Best Drama Series. Although Succession and Mare of Easttown were the clear winners of the night among all television series, Squid Game didn’t fall too behind, either.

While most people stand divided on the plot of the series, most agree that this Netflix Original boasts great acting. This was evident as Lee Jung-Jae, the actor who plays the protagonist Seung Gi-hun was nominated for Best Drama Actor. In fact, O Yeong-su won the award for the Best Supporting Actor in a Series, TV-Movie or Miniseries for his portrayal of the infamous “Old Man”.

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It wasn’t just Squid Game that made an impression this night. Maid, another limited Netflix series, based on Stephanie Land’s memoir of the same name, had been a fan-favorite this year, as well. Margaret Qualley was nominated for her performance for the award of Best TV-Movie or Miniseries Actress for her portrayal of the “Maid” Alex.

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The Power of the Dog stealing the show at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes certainly aren’t dry. There are a number of critically acclaimed movies and television shows that critics shortlist and curate after giving them endless thought. As a result, all the nominees and shortlisted films are masterpieces themselves. Despite the aggressively tough competition, suffice it to say that The Power of the Dog really did steal the show.

The movie was nominated for Best Screenplay- Motion Picture. As expected, Cumberbatch was nominated for his portrayal of the enthralling Phil Burbank for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama. The two nominations were impressive enough already. Add to this the fact that The Power of the Dog on Netflix won two Golden Globes and you have a masterpiece at your hands.

The Power of the Dog won the award for Best Motion Picture, Drama. Actor Kodi Smit-McPhee, who viewers know as the frail little boy Peter Gordon, bagged the award for the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

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Tick, Tick…Boom! and Don’t Look Up dominating the Musical and Comedy categories

The Power of the Dog wasn’t the only movie that made a mark that day. Tick, Tick… Boom! and Don’t Look Up were also nominated for Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy. Jennifer Lawrence, after her return to the screen, instantly wooed the viewers and earned herself a nomination For Best Actress in a Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy.

Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for the male counterpart of the award. Namely, it was the award for the Best Actor in a Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy. As amazing as he was, the award went to another actor, who rightfully deserved it. Andrew Garfield won the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy.

Most viewers collectively agree that the Netflix films and movies that were awarded the Golden Globes deserved them. What do you make of it? Let us know in the comments!

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