On Popular Demand, Netflix Brings Back ‘Servant of the People’ – The Show That Made Zelensky President of Ukraine

On Popular Demand, Netflix Brings Back ‘Servant of the People’ – The Show That Made Zelensky President of Ukraine

Of all the comedies that exist in the world, slap-stick, sarcasm, or even burlesque, there is one that stands out the most: satire. It is indeed the most difficult to create but generates the greatest of laughs if done right. And one such satirical comedy has made its way back to the screens of Netflix and is now once again ready to tickle us and also prompt us to ask the much-needed questions. Yes, we are indeed talking about the Ukrainian President’s hit satire comedy series Servant of the People, which is once again back on Netflix. Here is everything you need to know.

Even though the series is indeed a Netflix production and was available for streaming throughout the period of its run, they removed it from the Netflix catalog. However, following the popular demand among the people and the current scenario of the world. Netflix has finally brought Servant of the People back on the platform. And if you are new to this series, here we have everything you need to know about it.

What story does the Netflix series Servant of the People tell?

Before Volodymyr Zelensky took the mantle of Ukraine’s President, he was a standup comedian and a political satirist. In that spirit, he wrote, published, and performed in a satirical comedy series titled Servant of the People for Netflix.

Zelensky plays a rather irritated history teacher, who is sick of all the politicians. He believes that they all are nothing but evil, and we only end up choosing the lesser evil of them (Geralt might have a say here). And while he is all enraged and speaking about how he will change the entire system of this country and even end corruption, a kid captures a video of him, which then goes viral.

Funnily enough, he manages to get into power, and then the series follows him as he tries to prove his words right. The series is indeed a great work of art and deserves all the appreciation it can get. We will recommend all of you to go stream Servant of the People on Netflix now.

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How are people reacting to this series?

Here are some reactions from Twitter to capture how happy the fans are after the release:

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