“Insensitive” and “Unfunny”: Elon Musk Under Fire for His Tweet About Netflix and the Ongoing War

“Insensitive” and “Unfunny”: Elon Musk Under Fire for His Tweet About Netflix and the Ongoing War

The war between Russia and Ukraine breaking out has affected the entire world. People have been waking up to depressing news and anecdotes of the same. Despite all the ruckus, Elon Musk has managed to stand out yet again. If there is one thing more commendable about the cars the billionaire makes, it is his social media presence. The internet has been divided about Musk’s tweets since the 2010s. Another addition to the long list of controversial things Elon Musk has said is his latest tweet about Netflix and its inclusivity. This time, people were divided because the joke included two countries at war.

Find all you need to know about the disputed tweet here.

What is the tweet about? Why is it all over the internet?

As we mentioned earlier, Elon Musk has a knack for saying things that end up dividing the internet into factions. There are groups that support him and others that are strongly against the same. Musk boasts over 77 million dollars and the title of the richest man on the plane. The man certainly has the reach and resources to make an impression and influence people. However, he has been found guilty numerous times of being insensitive. One such instance is that of his tweet during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

While the world was in a frenzy about a fatal pandemic that ended up with the death of over 6 million people, the tweet did not sit right with many, especially considering how he is “a man of science“. Another tweet that Elon Musk has made that is under fire is his current one about Netflix and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

With shows like Sex Education and Bridgerton becoming some of the most popular ones on Netflix, fans are delighted with the inclusivity. Previously marginalized groups and communities with no representation now have characters and shows they can relate to. However, certain factions of social media have time and again accused Netflix of being ‘too woke’. Apparently, seeing more people of color or LGBTQ+ characters in movies and shows seems unrealistic to many. The tweet Elon Musk has made is about the wave of inclusivity on Netflix and a quipping prediction of a movie about the ongoing war.

What does social media have to say about Elon Musk’s tweet on Netflix?

The primary reason most people find themselves disagreeing with Musk is that the tweet plays on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Most of the internet seems to collectively agree that joking about a crisis that involves the death of thousands is certainly in bad taste.

Others were quick to point out how Musk and his satellite Starlink have helped Ukraine more than everyone else has by being vocal about the issue on social media.

While another group of people found opposing arguments for the same.

Many pointed out how the billionaire was mocking Netflix, not the ongoing war between the countries. Then again, a cishet white man making joking about the trans and POC inclusivity on Netflix doesn’t sit well with many.

What are your thoughts on the tweet? Do you think Musk said nothing wrong or do you find his meme improper?

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