“Number Eleven” Seems to Follow Millie Bobby Brown Even on Waiting Lists.

“Number Eleven” Seems to Follow Millie Bobby Brown Even on Waiting Lists.

More often than not, a fictional character becomes so iconic that it surpasses the fame of the actor portraying it. British actor Millie Bobby Brown can be the poster girl for this statement. She is not only synonymous with her character Eleven from Stranger Things, but the telekinetic teenager is much bigger than Millie herself. So much so that Millie Bobby Brown cannot shake off the numbered moniker even off-screen.

Although born as Jane, Brown’s character in Stranger Things is called Eleven, as she is a test subject at Hawkins’ lab. Despite being a grim symbol of dehumanization, Millie rocks the nickname. Even after learning her name, she is almost exclusively referred to as Eleven on the show. If the barrage of lame Eleven jokes weren’t enough, the number has even crept its way into Brown’s everyday life.

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Eleven marks the spot for Millie Bobby Brown

Back in 2019, Millie Bobby Brown appeared as a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In a moment of honesty, she narrated a hilarious story of her getting her driver’s permit in the United States. Only 15 at the time of the interview, the Enola Holmes actor explained to the host and actor Lily James about the ordeal.

When you’re 15, you can drive with someone over the age of 21 with a valid license.” She further went on about the “nerve-wracking” written test that she had to go through. “Other 15-year-olds” and possible fans of Stranger Things at the test center were completely in awe of Millie Bobby Brown in their midst.

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Hey, I just want to pass,” exclaimed Millie, recounting the incident. She even did an uncanny impression of the woman supervising the test. “You are on number Eleven,” declared Millie, imitating the woman’s strict and deadpan voice. As glad as we are that Millie passed her test, we would love to know if it was a cheeky move from the DMV attendant.

Was the woman referencing Brown’s Stranger Things character, or was it a strange coincidence? Let us know in the comments below. This also calls for a Stranger Things re-watch.

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