“There are no Eleven jokes in the house.”: Millie Bobby Brown on Her Siblings Not Caring About Stranger Things

“There are no Eleven jokes in the house.”: Millie Bobby Brown on Her Siblings Not Caring About Stranger Things

As a young actor with an impressive portfolio of work, it’s only normal to be the object of love and adoration all over the world. Ever since her first appearance in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has been no stranger to this. With the entire world applauding her for her success, would you believe it if we told you that Brown’s own family makes little or no fuss about her?

Her phenomenal acting skills and impeccable screen presence make Millie Bobby Brown an integral part of show business today. We can’t even imagine another actor playing the telekinetic Eleven or the youngest of the Holmes family, Enola. Surprisingly, the British actor’s siblings are completely indifferent to her on-screen and public personas. Let’s see what Millie Bobby Brown has to say about that.

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Millie Bobby Brown loves her siblings’ detachment from her work

With her upcoming film, Enola Holmes 2, an old video with Millie Bobby Brown on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has resurfaced. Millie, all of 13 at the time, candidly spoke about her family, especially her siblings. Of the four siblings in the Brown household, Millie is the third one in line and the only one in the show business. 

In fact, according to Millie, “They all don’t like it, being in show business.” Instead of being excited, they are mostly exasperated when she gets a new role. Most of the time, Brown’s brothers and sister are completely clueless about where she is or what she is busy promoting.They won’t watch this,” said Millie about the very interview she was taking part in. Adding to that, Millie revealed, “They haven’t seen Stranger Things.

Funnily enough, Millie Bobby Brown loves that “they don’t really care.” The Enola Holmes actor thinks it is great thatThere are no ‘Eleven’ jokes in the house.” At that instant, host Stephen Colbert came up with a typical Stranger Things “Eleven” joke stating, “do you care to be named 13 this time?” It made the studio audience erupt with laughter.

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What do you think about Brown’s siblings and their attitude towards her work? Let us know in the comments. Given that the release of part 2 is right around the corner, you can watch Enola Holmes streaming on Netflix to refresh your memory.




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