When 13-year Old Millie Bobby Brown Embarrassed Stephen Colbert For Cracking a Lame Joke on Eleven

When 13-year Old Millie Bobby Brown Embarrassed Stephen Colbert For Cracking a Lame Joke on Eleven

Millie Bobby Brown proved she belongs to the acting world when Stranger Things season 1 premiered in 2016. A little girl with psychic powers is how fans described her character in the series. It was not long after that she was nominated for the 2017 Emmys as an outstanding supporting actress. At the age of just 13, she had bagged so much fandom and praise that we knew nothing could stop her now from reaching heights. After her stardom grew through the Netflix original, she played other outstanding roles as well. We saw her perfectly acquiring the titular character of Enola Holmes and co-working with Henry Cavill. She also appeared in the Godzilla movie soon after.

At such a young age, she has achieved so much that it makes us ponder upon her charming charisma. This takes us back to her interview with Stephen Colbert in one of his 2017’s episodes of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Brown was totally stunning in her outfit. Colbert admitted that she did a really fine job out there. What made us talk about it right now is the dad joke he cracked as soon as Brown arrived and how she embarrassed him by fake-laughing it out.

13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown embarrassed 53-years-old Stephen Colbert

As soon as Brown arrived at the show, he congratulated her for entering the BIG 1-3. She was officially a teenager. And then he cracked a really lame joke, asking, “last season (season 1), your character was named eleven. Is it thirteen this season (season 2)?” What made that moment downright hilarious was the response of Millie Bobby Brown. She imitated dad laugh while clapping her hands. And trust us, the way she acted to play the cymbals with a ‘budum bush’ sound would give a loud guffaw to anyone.

Seemingly, Stephen was really embarrassed, but he covered it up rather smartly. They then talked about a lot of things, including Brown’s thirteenth birthday party and Brown co-hosting The Emmys. They also talked about how her dad makes her feel embarrassed by photo-bombing every picture, which was again funny. We have attached the entire episode here just for you.

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