“I walked up to him and I was like..” – Jamie Lee Curtis Has a Wish for Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I walked up to him and I was like..” – Jamie Lee Curtis Has a Wish for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with his on-screen lover recently. The Australian actor is one of the most loved bodybuilders who is a motivation to many around the world. He started his career with the 1970 movie Hercules. But his big breakthrough came with the action movie Terminator, along with projects like Commando and Predator.

The 1984 movie became a superhit, leading to several sequels over the years. The Terminator franchise has released 6 movies so far. In 1994, the actor starred alongside Freaky Friday actress Jamie Curtis Lee for the blockbuster True Lies, gifting us some great chemistry. And in a recent reunion, we got to experience that once more.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is to be back in the sequel of his classic movie

Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis shared undeniable chemistry in the 1994 action movie True LiesThe on-screen lovers reunited recently at the latter’s Walk of Fame star celebration in Hollywood. A friend and co-star Arnold attended the event, where he was all praises for the actress. He mentioned how upset he got when people called her a supporting actress in True Lies,because she wasn’t supporting ‘ she was the female lead. She was the star. She was starring with me.”

Jamie also thanked Schwarzenegger during the speech, thanking him for being there for her. She later spoke about her wish to do a sequel of True Lies 2 with the former builder, quoting “I walked up to him and I was like ‘Dude why aren’t we doing another movie?”

True Lies revolved around an agent named Harry Tasker, who, in the midst of his busy career, finds out about his wife Helen’s extramarital affair. The comedy thriller there on takes you on a ride, showing him juggling between managing his career and saving his marriage. The movie was a box office success.

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Will there actually be any such movie? Only time will tell. As of now, Lee is busy with her 2023 movie Haunted Mansion, while Arnold is caught up with his upcoming project with Netflix’s Utap. But would you be excited to see Lee and Arnold back in True Lies 2? Let us know in the comments.

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