What Made Jamie Lee Curtis Say “I hope he gets help” to Kanye West?

What Made Jamie Lee Curtis Say “I hope he gets help” to Kanye West?

Jamie Lee Curtis is super upset with Kanye West, as the rapper may have just crossed a boundary this time. The celebrity’s social media posts have been spiraling down for quite some time now. Collecting more foes than friends, the artist has been practicing his freedom of speech to some dangerous degree.

Things have gone south since his divorce from Kim Kardashian and the angry messages towards her former date, Pete Davidson, started surfacing. His recent White Lives Matter T-shirt that he wore during a fashion week followed these posts. But upping that by another level now is his latest tweet, which might as well be a stepping stone to his social media ban.

What Kanye West tweet made Jamie Lee Curtis cry

During a rampage of random and angry Tweets, Kanye ended up hurting religious sentiments. The singer was upset about getting his social media profile restricted. To which tweeted, “death con three on JEWISH PEOPLE.” The single sentence, along with his other actions, has people calling for a permanent ban on him.

Ye soon explained that the comment does not make him Anti-Semitic since black people are Jewish too. But that was clearly not enough of an apology. The community see his post as a threat of violence.

Amongst them is Freaky Friday star Jamie Lee Curtis. The actress belongs to Hungarian Jewish heritage from her father’s side. She exclaimed that word can be hurtful as well. “A threat to Jewish people ended once in a genocide,” she said, reminding everyone of the Holocaust and the horrors that the Jewish community went through as a result of Hitler’s hate.

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Calling out the Gold Digger singer’s “abhorrent behavior”, the 63-year-old spoke to NBC’s Today show wherein she seemed visibly angry and hurt. The actress hopes that West and his children get some help. Some other celebrities, like Sarah Silverman and singer Lizzo, shared her views and condemned the Donda academy owner over his remarks.

Kanye, on the other hand, does not seem very fazed, as he uploaded the documentary Last Week on his YouTube recently.

Have you seen it yet? Let us know in the comments.

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