After Getting Restricted From Instagram and Twitter, Kanye West Releases Documentary ‘Last Week’ on YouTube

After Getting Restricted From Instagram and Twitter, Kanye West Releases Documentary ‘Last Week’ on YouTube

When Kanye West is in the limelight, you know he is about to drop a project. Although known for being a hip-hop artist, that is only one aspect of what all Ye is involved in. His discussions may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the entrepreneur in him is known to stay at the top of his game.

So far, the artist has fought with his ex-wife Kim on social media, separated from GAP with his YZY sunglasses, and picked up a new fight with his longtime partner Adidas. His social media rampage also got him restricted, but the man is far from done. Giving us a glimpse of the man behind the keyboard, Kanye uploaded his new documentary Last Week on YouTube.

What is the new Kanye West documentary Last Week all about?

The Donda Academy owner seems to be getting deeper yet better at expressing his feelings. The creative genius may say and do controversial things all time the time. But the way of expression always remains uniquely weird. This time, Kanye West uploaded a 30-minute long video on his YouTube channel called Last Week. The documentary may make one feel as though they are watching a gaming character. But that is just one of Ye’s unique creations. In fact, the first four minutes only consist of a GTA-style character trying on different costumes, and exploring his surroundings, likely giving out a message of how we live in a simulation.

But the film gets more real with his latest song playing, “You don’t really love Ye..” taking the next scene to his power play meeting with Adidas executives. As the video proceeds, you see glimpses of him working on his Christian school as he intends to ‘Dondafying’ it through a change of look.

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Adding some warmth towards the end is a clip of his and Kim’s eldest daughter North West playing basketball, followed by sharing a sweet reuniting moment with his kids and ex-wife. The last few moments of the documentary are silent as he walks around with his family. The moment of silence is a change considering the social media havoc surrounding him, especially in light of his recent anti-Semitic remarks. You can get more insights into his life through his Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs.

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