What Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Are on Netflix?

What Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Are on Netflix?

Emmy winner Arnold Schwarzenegger is truly an all-rounder in today’s date. He has had an extensive plethora of career that reflects his mastery in almost every field that ever existed. Starting from being a famous bodybuilder to being called the former governor of California, he has tried his hands and achieved tremendous success in everything. In addition to that, his rich career in the film industry is also a delight to watch. Wondering what Arnold Schwarzenegger movies are on Netflix? 

The Austrian native is best known for his super hit franchise, The Terminator, and other top-tier movies like Predator (1987) and Commando(1985). However, none of these are available on Netflix. But worry you not since these are not his only works. The star has worked in not less than 57 timeless classic movies and the American streaming giant hosts some of them. Here is a list. 

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What Arnold Schwarzenegger movies are on Netflix? 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has three of his hit titles streaming currently on Netflix. They are as follows. 

Eraser (1996) 

The trailer of the movie itself is considered to be the testament of its time with its best soundtrack techno score. Despite being an underappreciated gem, this movie marked Arnold’s transition from pure action into more mature roles. Being a blend of both, Arnold here plays a larger-than-life titular role of U.S Marshall John Kruger A.K.A the “Eraser”. 

In his blind passion to dispense justice, he erases people off the list who go for witness protection. With huge explosions, a big body count, and loud noisy action, Eraser won the Bambi international awards for being a prime-time movie of its era. The R-rated film managed to bag a 6.2/10 rating on IMDb.

The Game Changer (2019)

This is one of the latest movies Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in. The Game Changers proved to be a phenomenal eye-opening documentary of thousands of facts. It touched on matters that most of us have hardly heard ever about regarding our diet system, the food we eat, and the shocking origins of it. The bulk of the movie is concerned with controversial wisdom about protein. 

It tells us about how we have been ridiculously wrong in the way we consume it. Depicting parallel storylines that revolve around people who inhibit different lifestyles, makes us aware of facts supported by scientists in medical technologies. The pro-vegan PG-13 documentary managed to get an easy 7.8/10 on IMDb, liked by 70% of Rotten Tomatoes clout. 

Last Action Hero

Considered a brilliant satire of classic 80’s action movies, the Last Action Hero went way ahead of its time. The film did extremely well in starring Arnie in a self-parodying movie while also serving viewers with the genre he is best known for.

The action sequence is jam-packed with peak comedy, silver-lined by a killer soundtrack that proved to be a masterpiece of its era. However, the movie did not match the all other top-tier Arnold movie in the chart. Directed by John McTiernan, it got an IMDb rating of 6.4/10. 

So what exactly are you waiting for? Stream all three masterpieces celebrating Arnold right now!

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