Nostalgia! Ryan Reynolds Goes Back to the First Film With “I can see clearly now” Before ‘Deadpool 3′

Nostalgia! Ryan Reynolds Goes Back to the First Film With “I can see clearly now” Before ‘Deadpool 3′

People love him because he is reckless, uses slang and cuss words, is funny, and talks directly to the audience. We are talking about Deadpool portrayed by the Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds. Since his first appearance in the X-Men films, fans wanted an individual film about him. And when the first film landed, fans instantly fell in love with the actor and the character. Now, the third installment of the film is in making, the actor goes back to the first film.

The MCU character, Deadpool, is famous for his notorious acts. The merc with the mouth is returning to the screen for the last time, as the actor himself announced. Fans are eager to see him once again on the big screens. Meanwhile, the actor himself felt nostalgic as he posted a screenshot of a scene from the first film. He even posted it with a classic song by Jimmy Cliff, ‘I can see cleary now.’

This is the scene where Deadpool fights a group of thugs on the highway. Colossus also comes to help Deadpool. The Merc with the mouth holds his hands up as if he is trying to measure something. The father of four even tagged the director of the film, Shawn Levy along with his production company, Maximum Efforts. He did not forget to mention the official Instagram account of the Deadpool film.

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After the first Deadpool film, the life of the Red Notice actor changed. People started to love the character so much globally. Even the Korean band named Stray Kids also became a fan of the character. With Deadpool 3 coming up, the 46-year-old actor also teased the idea of the K-Pop band being a part of it. What else do we know about the upcoming film?

Here is everything about Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds

The film will hit the theaters on the 8th of November, 2024. The production of the film is under process. Meanwhile, fans are excited to see Hugh Jackman reprising his iconic role as Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool movie. The Australian actor opened up about the timeline of the film. Because at the end of the film, Logan, Wolverine died. Jackman confirmed that Deadpool 3 is set before his death.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Deadpool
Credits: Imago

The upcoming film will also see a villain portrayed by Emma Corrin. Some X-Men characters will also reprise their role in the film. And the major update is that they revealed the locations of the film as well.

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While both actors are training hard for their roles, Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciated Jackman in his training. Now, it is understandable the fandom can not wait to see the iconic duo on the screen. While we wait, might as well revisit the first film in the series.

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