Norm MacDonald Did Not Drop the Mic in His Last Special, ‘Nothing Special’ Because He “Paid for it”

Norm MacDonald Did Not Drop the Mic in His Last Special, ‘Nothing Special’ Because He “Paid for it”

This is one of the most heartbreaking news for the fans of Norm MacDonald. Netflix recently streamed his final stand-up video, which he had recorded at home. Nothing Special was MacDonald’s last stand-up piece, which he was working very hard on prior to his demise.

Norm MacDonald had Nothing Special to say…

Norm MacDonald was secretly suffering from leukemia for the past 9 years. He had to go through a procedure in the summer of 2022. He “didn’t want to leave anything on the table in case things went south” so, the night before undergoing the procedure, he shot this video, which is streaming on Netflix. This show has some of Norm’s close friends delivering commentaries after the recorded video. He talks about casinos, life, religion, and how life throws you away. He also talks about the afterlife and himself as well.

As soon as the video ends, Dave Chappelle said, ‘I looked at it (the show) like a swimming meet with no water,’ and we all felt that. He appreciated Norm’s spirit and said that this piece was endearing.

David Letterman exclaimed that it would have been a gift for the people present at the time of recording! He said that the show was terrific and energetic. Chappelle said he had forgotten how poetic Norm was. Whenever Norm was up on stage, he would deliver his content in such a way that it would be funny, sarcastic, and poetic all at the same time.

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Macdonald absolutely had the power of delivering in the most savage way. His fans celebrated him for the same. This strength of his would drive other comics further into discomfort.

As Norm says in the beginning, Macdonald loves gambling. He was really a gambler, as Letterman and others discussed. He would put everything at stake for the jokes he loved, regardless of the reactions of the audiences. “His joy at landing a dud, it was heroic,” said Letterman.

Norm didn’t drop the mic!

Artists like Norm Macdonald never leave the souls of their admirers. He was a great artist and a friend. He was special, as said by Chappelle because even when they didn’t know each other in the 90s, Norm made Chapelle laugh and got him out of his traumas. Norm healed him.

Letterman then shared his admiration for Norm. “The element that I always admired was the connection to the audience,” said David. He added how audience was the late comedian’s partner and without them, one wouldn’t get the full measure of Norm.

Adam Sandler agrees with David and says that exactly the same kind of atmosphere would be created when Norm would generally sit down with them and hang out after the show. He was just so naturally funny. Conan O’Brien then shared that he had the best word choice of maybe any comedian he’s ever seen. “He’s constantly screwing with you on every level,” says Conan, and everyone shares a big laugh! He compares his word choice with Mark Twain. Maybe all the viewers would agree with him. Because whenever Macdonald would make a joke, his audience could relate to it so easily. That’s one of the greatest strengths that Norm had.

Watching Norm Macdonald performing like that on a recorded video is too overwhelming for the viewers. All these friends, along with Molly Shannon and David Spade, made our hearts feel heavy. Maybe this is the kind of closure his friends and fans needed. This is a true tribute to Norm, remembering him and laughing just like he made everybody laugh.

Therefore, even though he dropped the mic, he didn’t really drop it. He would always live in the hearts of his loved ones. Have you seen Nothing Special yet?

Watch Here: Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special

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