Norm MacDonald Hasn’t Had His Last Laugh Yet as Netflix Has “Nothing Special”

Norm MacDonald Hasn’t Had His Last Laugh Yet as Netflix Has “Nothing Special”

People who know comedy need no introduction to the legend of Norm MacDonald. He was a Canadian comedian, writer, actor, and director, who is known for his deadpan humor with hints of old-school phrases and songs. Sadly, MacDonald succumbed to acute leukemia in September 2021, after a secret battle with the disease. He didn’t want people to know about it because he thought that will “affect the way he was perceived“. While nothing will wane the emptiness of his untimely demise, Netflix’s ‘Nothing Special will make us feel better.

See Norm MacDonald one last time in Netflix’s ‘Nothing Special’

Watching ‘Nothing Special’ will be very important to his fans because this is Norm’s last appearance, but it poses a few questions. Is it really the undiscovered gold mine that Norm left behind? Or is it Netflix‘s scrambling efforts to cash out on any calamity? Do these works have substance or are they scribbles from the past, turned to look solid?

Here’s the answer- According to a press release from the streamer, the special is a never-seen-before stand-up that Norm had written long back but wasn’t able to perform because of the pandemic restrictions. He recorded the whole stand-up in his living room in 2020. The title ‘Nothing Special‘ was also his own along with the rest of the set, and it will release on 30th May 2022.

The special is going to be a one-take recital by Norm. Following his set, Adam Sandler, Dave Chappelle, Molly Shannon, and others will appear in a pre-recorded compilation of videos; talking about Norm’s legacy and praise for his work, making it a tribute video.

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When Norm MacDonald first performed at a small cafe in 1985, he wrecked his performance and swore to never go back on the stage again. The encouragement from the cafe owner slowly polished his talent and in no time, he was a writer on Saturday Night Live. He was also an anchor in the ‘Weekend Update’ segment of the show; which was a spoof news section that added to his popularity. In 2018, he hosted ‘Norm MacDonald Has a Show‘ for Netflix, where the fans saw him last.

Are you excited to see him one last time? Tell us some of the things you like about Norm McDonald in the comments.

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