Fans Highlight the Awkwardness of Having to Add a Disclaimer in the Will Smith Episode of the David Letterman Show

Fans Highlight the Awkwardness of Having to Add a Disclaimer in the Will Smith Episode of the David Letterman Show

Has it ever happened to you that you reacted in the heat of the moment and that became your entire identity from that point in time? No matter how hard you try to explain it to people or whatever good you’ve done before that, nothing matters then because that reaction has exposed your vulnerable side to the people. Now, just imagine any celebrity. Their entire life is so publicly exposed that one impatient move can destroy their career and their prestigious name. But there are several fans who understand the situation and love their favorites the same. We have highlighted such a reaction to Will Smith. Look what they had to say.

That Awkward moment when Will Smith…

David Letterman’s 2022 roster of guests included Will Smith, and the trolls were abuzz since then. After the Chris Rock slap disaster, Smith has been facing a little more vigorous reactions from around the world. Netflix too decided to disassociate from the actor and Letterman’s show too had a certain disclaimer at the beginning of the Will Smith episode: “this was filmed prior to the 2022 Academy Awards Ceremony.”

Despite this, it seems his loyal fans will not leave him alone. Many of his fans reacted to the disclaimer that is at the beginning of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

This fan tweeted openly that the disclaimer was awkward and expressed her joy at Netflix’s decision to air the episode after everything. But this last line is much deep. Another fan said it made her upset to read the disclaimer.

While some fans sympathized with Will, this act enraged others.

No one is one moment!

Vulnerability makes people do unexpected things, things that they never thought they could do in their wildest dreams. Will Smith’s fans seem to believe this statement and they expressed their sentiments differently.

Smith fans do not agree with the need to put disclaimer as they believe that this incident doesn’t define him as a person.

In another tweet, one fan uncovered her disappointment and anger as she said he isn’t some sexual offender.

This act seriously offended these fans. As all of them have expressed their resentment towards the disclaimer. this shows how much they love the actor. Take a look at some more of the tweets here.

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This fangirl gave a huge statement that ‘no one is one moment’ which is supported by many other fans who have tweeted about the same showing disappointment towards the showrunners. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

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