“Nobody protects Billie..”- Fans React as Photos of Billie Eilish Kissing Older Love Interest Surface

“Nobody protects Billie..”- Fans React as Photos of Billie Eilish Kissing Older Love Interest Surface

Fans of Billie Eilish do not seem very pleased with her new love interest. The singer who made her breakthrough with her James Bond song No Time To Die has managed to attract fans of all ages, thanks to her being a teen while also working on big projects. The 20-year-old won a total of several Grammy awards this year and became the youngest person to become the Glastonbury headliner.

While fans are uber-happy with her success, they are also protective of the Gen Z artist. News of young and vulnerable celebrities being exploited or groomed by elders has surfaced in the last few years. Meanwhile, when it comes to dating, the industry has seen vast age differences between couples. But fans of Billie Eilish are unsure which category the singer’s situation falls in. Reactions flow in as the artist is seen kissing her much older love interest.

Is Billie Eilish too young to date this American singer?

Billie Eilish may be an adult now, but her fans are still protective of the 20-year-old singer. So when news of her dating 31-year-old Jesse Rutherford surfaced, fans gave a not-so-thrilled reaction.

Fans are comparing by stating how young Billie was when her much older boyfriend’s song was released. While few others used the news to make some meme content.

The Rock singer was previously dating YouTuber and fashionista Devon Carlson, whom he met during high school. He has now moved on to Billie as the Daddy Issues singer was clicked outside an Indian restaurant in Cali with Bad Boys singer as they were kissing each other, thereby confirming their new budding relationship. The duo had previously sparkled speculations as they appeared at the Universal Studios Halloween Party. Their PDA pretty much put an end to any doubts surrounding their status.

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But perhaps what concerns the fans, even more, is the fact that the two mingled together, years before, when Eilish was 16 and Rutherford was 26. While fans do not seem pleased, Billie is legally an adult. There has been no response from her about the fan’s reactions yet, as she enjoys her new phase.

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