No Sequel in Works, Yet Glen Powell Replaced Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

No Sequel in Works, Yet Glen Powell Replaced Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds got his wide share of popularity through Marvel’s Deadpool. But one of the flop films that contributed to this Canadian American actor’s career is DCEU’s Green Lantern. While this comic character is extensively loved by the audience, the movie did not do well at the box office as expected.

Although the film exceeded its production budget of $200 million by $19 million, it received enormous criticism for its poor writing, under-promised visual effects, and bad comic timing. However, the character of Green Lantern from the comics still lives in fans’ hearts, and there is another actor whom they have started imagining playing it.

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Who could replace Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern? 

Recently, a fan posted a fanart on Twitter, where he showed Set It Up actor Glen Powell as Green Lantern. Powell has become the talk of the town with his upcoming rom-com announcement with Euphoria fame Sydney Sweeny. But that is not the only reason why Powell is in the news.

Apparently, this fanart was tweeted in response to the announcement of Powell’s upcoming unnamed film with Sweeny. While some fans thought this was a fantastic idea, some said why can’t both of them be the Green Lantern?

Green Lantern is one of the most beloved characters in the DC comics. According to CBR, the film was amputated when Zack Snyder left it. Although, fans have not left hope in the character and the makers and are still eagerly waiting for a confirmation from DCEU for the next part of the film.

However, according to some sources, Ryan Reynolds is in negotiation with DCEU to return as Green Lantern in a short film by HBOmax.

But in the end, rumors are rumors!

Surprisingly, Powell has responded to his casting as Hal Jordan. He has mentioned that these things do take a lot of time but he is flattered when he sees himself as one of DCEU or Marvel’s characters in a fanart.

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Who do you think will make a better Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds or Glen Powell? Let us know in the comments.

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