When Ryan Reynolds Did “Something” He Had Never Done With ‘Green Lantern’, It Was Hilarious

When Ryan Reynolds Did “Something” He Had Never Done With ‘Green Lantern’, It Was Hilarious

Ryan Reynolds continues to be an endless source of entertainment for his fans. While Deadpool 3 is anticipated to be a super success, it was not the first time Reynolds tried being an action hero. Back in 2009, the actor made his first appearance as merc-without-a-mouth in X- Men Origins: Wolverine. That character was not very well received.

Thereafter in 2011, he again got a chance to be a superhero for Marvel with Green Lantern. While he met the love of his life Blake Lively, on the sets, he again tanked as an action hero. Now while the actor enjoys the success of Deadpool, he touches upon the topic of his bombed movie, even mocking fun of it.

How fans remained entertained as Ryan Reynolds watched Green Lantern for the first time

Ryan Reynolds certainly knows how to have fun, regardless of his movie not working. The actor took to Twitter to share how he is excited to watch Zack Snyder’s Cut. But in the post, not only did he manage to promote his Aviation Gin, but he also said how he is about to do something has never done, watch Green Lantern. Seeing the actor joke about his own movie made fans laugh but also support him. Green Lantern is considered his biggest box office bomb, but some fans do not mind it too much.

One person on Twitter commented how the movie was still better than the latest version of Superwoman.

While a few fans thought that Green Lantern was not as bad as deemed to be. Meanwhile, one fan encouraged Ryan Reynolds to watch the movie claiming that it was still better than four hours of Zack Snyder’s cut. Although it is a wonder how the actor has not seen his movie yet, considering he met his future wife because of it.

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Ryan Reynolds really wanted to make a break as a superhero, but the bombing of Green Lantern had him disheartened. Although now, Deadpool is one of Marvel’s top-earning movies with a third part on the way. Perhaps he can eventually remake Green Lantern with some improvement as he did with Deadpool.

Do you think it would be a good idea? Comment your thoughts.

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