Netflix’s Blockbuster Show ‘Squid Game’ Ready to Set Foot in the Virtual World With Sandbox VR

Netflix’s Blockbuster Show ‘Squid Game’ Ready to Set Foot in the Virtual World With Sandbox VR

Two years have passed since the deadly Korean survival drama Squid Game arrived on Netflix. The show turned innocent children’s games into disturbing nine episodes. It’s no secret that the series became a breakout hit, reaching the milestone just four days after its release. Even though last year fans welcomed some of the most beloved shows like Stranger Things and Wednesday, Squid Game is still maintaining the marks of being the company’s biggest launch. Meanwhile, if you have been missing all the horrors and amazement, we have good news for you and it is going to be fun. 

Recent reports have revealed that the Netflix blockbuster is now setting foot in the virtual world with Sandbox VR.

Squid Game getting ready to turn into a virtual reality game 

Sandbox VR, which gives players the most advanced virtual experience in the gaming world, has planned to launch a game based on Netflix’s Squid Game. According to Fast Company, the background of the game will be based on the scenarios in the show.

Moreover, players would get the chance to meet and team up with others in the VR competition. There will be a full body immersion that will set this game apart from other VR games. Since they will “track the body from to toe” and capture all movements to create their virtual aura.

“Some of our experiences will be some of the more popular games inside the TV series,” explained the CEO, Steve Zhao. However, apart from this disclosure, the company hasn’t given any specific details about this series-based arcade.

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What do we know about season 2 of this dystopian drama? 

The announcement of season 2 of Squid Game has sent the internet into a frenzy. Fans are going ga ga the return of this arena as they have waited long for it. According to Screenrant, the series starrer Lee Jung-Jae recently shared details of the new plot and filming updates.

The actor revealed that the show will pick from where it ended and Gi-hun will now be taking revenge on this deathtrap organization. The series’ shooting will begin this summer and is likely to take ten months to complete.

Are you more excited about the arrival of Squid Game season 2 or about the game that will provide you with the most authentic experience of this world? Let us know in the comments.

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