“I thought…”: ‘Squid Game 2’ to Begin Filming; Fans Are Overjoyed

“I thought…”: ‘Squid Game 2’ to Begin Filming; Fans Are Overjoyed

Amidst the series of cancelations recently, Squid Game fans could not rest easy until Netflix officially renewed the series in 2022. The survival show became a global runaway hit during the height of the pandemic. The massive viewing numbers propelled the show into the top 10 and eventually the most-watched show of all time on Netflix. It also earned several Emmy nominations!

To make the wait easier for the fans, the streamer released Squid Game: The Challenge. But fans were not satisfied. Instead, the show found itself mired in controversy. Now that there is an update regarding the series’ filming date, fans expressed joy on Twitter.

Fans react to Squid Game season 2’s filming update 

The Korean survival show will start filming this summer. Fans went bonkers on Twitter when Lee Jung Jae, who portrayed Gi-hun in the show, disclosed the news to Ilgan Sports. While many were excited about the news, most were shocked why the production hadn’t begun until now, with many tweets matching the sentiment: “I thought they started a year ago.

Allkpop wrote that the actor disclosed that they are looking at 10 months of shooting. Season 1 had a similar filming window, but it also included delays due to the pandemic. However, even without the delays, the shooting could take longer this time because season 2 is bigger in scale and size. “Squid Game 2 will begin filming in the summer and the filming will likely last for about 10 months”, he said. 

Instead of rehashing the games, the second installment will introduce newer deadlier games. The terrifying robot, Young Hee, will also get a boyfriend, Cheol Su. Several of the old characters will make a return, including the man with the ddakji, and the Front Man.

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The Front Man will feature heavily in season 2 

In the same interview, Lee assured the fans that the mysterious Front Man will play a major role in season 2. The season 1 finale had a shocking revelation. The Front Man was an ex-cop and Hwang Jun Ho’s assumed dead brother, Hwang In Ho. He was also the previous winner of the game. 

Mystery shrouds the character and director Hwang Dong Hyuk has expressed his desire to dig deeper into his story in season 2. He wanted to highlight the issue with corruption in the police force that plagues every society. All this indicates that the second season may just be a Front Man sequel and set aside Gi Hun’s revenge plot.

Are you ready for another nail-biting season?

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