Netflix Shares ‘The Bubble’ Behind The Scenes: Judd Apatow And The Cast Are “Trying to make a movie about making a movie”

Netflix Shares ‘The Bubble’ Behind The Scenes: Judd Apatow And The Cast Are “Trying to make a movie about making a movie”

Now that we are trying to leave behind the horrors of the Covid-19 pandemic; there will be grand stories and folklore to address what the human race went through. While there will be many heartfelt dramas and stories; there’s this one director, Judd Apatow, who’s “trying to make a joke about the plague, after the plague.” Apparently, Judd’s The Bubble on Netflix explores what Jurassic World would look like during the peak of the quarantine.

Now streaming on Netflix, the movie satirizes what people in the Hollywood industry could have gone through during the pandemic. Netflix Film Club recently released a funny BTS video sharing with us, what’s it like to be on the set of The Bubble. Let’s start with what the cast got to say in the video:

The Cast is happy to be a part of The Bubble on Netflix

According to the cast, Judd Apatow is a stupendous person to work with. The script is captivating and Judd’s process of directing the whole thing is just unique. The vibe that’s created while in quarantine and the moments of laughter make his direction and the movie so special. However, what appears to be a practical joke about anyone being locked in a bubble actually took a lot of seriousness and discipline.

Judd Apatow goes on to talk about how he had to leave his comfort zone and sit in day-long meetings to discuss the making of the movie. In the video, the cast says how he wanted everyone to be the best version of themselves. We get to see immediate action on the script. And trust me, no one could better enact, “oh shit! it’s dragon time,” than Guz Khan.

There’s a discussion about dinosaurs’ genitals!

The 4-minute-32-seconds video opens with Judd exclaiming there are guns, robot reality sex toys, there are pit bulls, and a lot more. Apart from that, there’s a lot of cocaine. But you don’t need it. This behind-the-scenes video of The Bubble on Netflix is enough to make you high. Doubting us? Well, the discussion on dinosaurs’ genitals and the scene where a bird poop is enough to prove our statement. And that twerking part, it’s sure to give you stomach-aching laughter. Here, have a look at it yourself:

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Lastly, although there’s a lot happening in the movie, it will make you look back on your lockdown period and laugh at this time of history. As you watch this comedy on Netflix, do let us know what made you laugh the most.

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