The Bubble Netflix Cast Saves “The Mandalorian” Pedro Pascal Fainting Under Ice Cubes in a Bathtub

The Bubble Netflix Cast Saves “The Mandalorian” Pedro Pascal Fainting Under Ice Cubes in a Bathtub

Shooting a film is a tiring and lengthy process, there is no doubt about it. The only time the whole cast gets to blow off some steam and enjoy themselves is when they are promoting the film. And now that The Bubble by Netflix is just a few days away from release, the whole cast is enjoying as much as they can.

One of the film’s lead actors, Pedro Pascal, posted a fun “knockout” picture of the cast, giving us an insight into how chaotic the movie will be.

The Bubble Netflix cast saves Pedro

The Bubble is a meta-comedy about a bunch of actors and actresses trapped in a pandemic bubble at a hotel trying to finish a studio franchise film.

It is based on the yet-to-be-released Jurassic World: Dominion which had its actors trapped in the UK for months during the pandemic lockdown. With production pausing and restarting multiple times owing to positive COVID-19 tests.

The film marks the debut of the comedic legend director Judd Apatow on Netflix. The release of The Bubble is right around the corner, so to commemorate the journey and the close release of the film, Pedro posted a picture on his official Twitter account.

In the photo, apart from Pedro himself, you can see three other major stars of the film – Karen GillanDavid Duchovny, and Michael Key. 

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A knocked-out Perdo is in a tub full of ice, for which he gave the reasoning that the director Judd had asked him to get into character. And now his castmates are rescuing him. Is he telling the truth or not? We leave it up to you.

When is The Bubble releasing?

Netflix sent the whole world into disarray when they released a trailer for an unknown film Cliff Beasts 6: Battle for Everest.

Fans all around the world were wondering how they could have missed a six installment franchise. But the whole ruse came to an end when it was revealed it was just an early April fools prank. And that the actual film is The Bubble.

So by now, you must’ve guessed it. The Bubble on Netflix is releasing this Friday, i.e., the 1st of April. 

Be sure to stream the film only on Netflix.

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