The Bubble on Netflix: New BTS for Cliff Beast Explores the Funny and Awkward Side of the New Film

The Bubble on Netflix: New BTS for Cliff Beast Explores the Funny and Awkward Side of the New Film

Netflix takes its films seriously, even the funny ones. They always start promoting the film months below its release, and recently they have even begun to think of innovative ways to promote their films. For The Adam Project, they made the cast play games and made hilarious videos. But Netflix became full-on pranksters for its new movie, The Bubble.

At first, when Netflix released an all-star cast trailer for Cliff Beasts 6: Battle. We all thought where were the previous five films! However, it was quickly revealed to be a hilarious and a great way to promote The Bubble, a comedy film arriving on April fools day. And now we have a new look at the real-fake movie Cliff Beasts 6: Battle.

BTS of Cliff Beasts 6: Battle

The Bubble features a group of celebrities making a fantasy film called Cliff Beasts 6: Battle. So to promote The Bubble(actual movie), Netflix has posted a video on their NetflixFilm Twitter account. The video shows the actors shooting for the “fake” film in front of a screen, and if Marvel without videos has taught us anything, it is that the green screen without the added effects is hysterical.

In the video, Fred Armisen, who plays Darren Eigan , the director of the “film,” is giving his actors direction while they try to recreate emotions in front of the green screen and props. Resulting in hilarious expressions and awkward faces.

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Our favorite clip is when the director instructs the prop guys dressed in weird foam suits to represent dinosaurs. To chase Pedro Pascal and Iris Apatow. Making a hilarious scene of on-spot running and “rawrrr” sounds.

The Bubble Netflix cast

The film truly has an all star cast that will match the likes of Knives Out and Disaster Artist.

The movie mainly revolves around Pedro Pascal and Karen Gillan who play the imaginary in-universe franchise’s two major characters. Joining them will be David Duchovny, Leslie Mann. Also Maria Bakalova, Iris Apatow, Fred Armisen, Keegan-Michael Key and Peter Serafinowicz will be seen in the film as cast members.

The is directed by comedic legend Judd Apatow who has great and now iconic comedic fims in his repertoire like. The 40‑Year‑Old Virgin, This Is 40.

The Bubble will be streaming only on Netflix from April 1st.

Will you be watching the film on Friday the 1st or not? Let us know.

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