Netflix Shares an Interesting Update About Ana de Armas on Its Famous Billboard

Netflix Shares an Interesting Update About Ana de Armas on Its Famous Billboard

Netflix has its own way of appreciating the artist. It has this famous billboard where they highlight the artist or an opinion or a show. This time, Netflix’s billboard has complimented this amazingly talented artist, Ana de Armas. This is how Netflix appreciates the actress for her brilliant performances in various movies and her journey. Let’s find out more about what did Netflix say about Ana de Armas.

Ana de Armas gets a highlight on Netflix Billboard

As we all know that Ana de Armas is a Cuban and Spanish actress. She started her journey as an actor from Cuba and had a leading role in the romantic drama, Una rosa de Francia in 2006. She then moved to Madrid and then to Los Angeles. Ana has played a variety of characters throughout her journey as an actor.

Recently, she starred in the Russo Brothers movie called The Gray Man. An action thriller movie gave Ana a tough fighter look and portrayed her as the strongest woman. The movie is streaming on Netflix. On the other hand, Ana is going to appear in a biopic of an iconic entity back in the day, Marilyn Monroe. The movie Blonde will stream on the streaming giant. And the platform didn’t want to let her down. Therefore, this is how Ana de Armas received a compliment on the Netflix billboard.

The upcoming movie Blonde will be released on September 28. Blonde becomes the first movie on Netflix to receive the NC-17 ratings. Ana De Armas is playing the lead role in the film. This recent compliment seems accurate as earlier, the photos of Ana as Marilyn were posted and fans got confused as to identify who the original was.

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This Bond Girl is a skilled actress and has been a part of various TV shows, movies, and music videos as well. With the range of roles, she’s proved that she can pull any character off. We would love to know which is your favorite Ana character.

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Now that she’s going to be Marilyn Monroe in this upcoming Netflix original, fans are waiting eagerly to see their favorite actor on screen again. Till the next one releases, have you seen the actress in this action thriller, The Gray Man that’s streaming right now? Also, we would love to hear if you also think “she is amazing”!

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    Rob G.
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    Yea she is amazing. She is an actor and know her craft. Plus she is beautiful.

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