What Is NC-17? Does Netflix Have NC-17 Content? Check These Shows and Movies

What Is NC-17? Does Netflix Have NC-17 Content? Check These Shows and Movies

It is one thing to categorize movies and shows on the basis of their genre, and they are pretty understandable as well. But, it is the categorization of movies on the age limit that bothers the audience the most. And recently, the world is buzzing around the whole NC-17 rating, especially with context to Netflix and its content. So what exactly does the NC-17 rating mean? Who allots their ratings? And most importantly, what NC-17 content is available on the streaming platform for the viewers to binge on?

Here is everything you need to know about NC-17 rating and similar content available on Netflix for your to stream.

What is the NC-17 rating and who gives these ratings to films?

In a nutshell, an NC-17 rating for any movie shows the movie is not fit for audiences below the age of 17 years. Motion pictures Associations (or MPA) is the body that provides ratings to the movies. Mainly, this rating is given to any film that has scenes that most parents will consider a bit too adult for their children. These scenes can be brutally violent, sexual, and even feature extremely horror pictures. However, an NC-17 rating is not an indicator of pornographic or obscene content.

Now coming to the reason why there is this sudden urge to know about these ratings among people. It was recently revealed that Netflix’s upcoming documentary Blonde was given a rating of NC-17 by MPA. Now, this is huge because this is the first-ever Netflix title to revive such a rating from the association. Usually, Netflix rates its own shows without an interference from MPA. Hence, people are a bit curious about what exactly is going to be there in Blonde. Well, we will have to wait to see that. But what we can do is we can watch the already available NC-17 rated movies that are available on Netflix. So, here is a small list of movies to check out for you:

Movies with NC-17 rating available on Netflix

Note: Before Blonde, Netflix itself rated the movies released on the platform. Hence, these movies are rated with a little bit of liberty and not by MPA. 

The Green Inferno

Probably one of the most disturbing movies to ever grace the Netflix screens, The Green Inferno is an homage to the Italian cannibal movies of the 1980s and the 1990s. A story of how a group of students who are on a mission to save nature and the environment end up in the hands of a cannibalistic tribe and are eventually eaten by them one after another. Will they be successful in their mission? Stream to know.

Point Blank

Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie starrer action thriller, Point Blank, makes it into the list purely for the absolutely gruesome action sequences. Grillo plays the role of a rather tough criminal, while Mackie is a nurse and they both work together to save their families. Stream this movie for some amazing fighting and action sequences, as the story is not something that hits the home run in this one.


Ever since humanity left forests and move to concrete jungles, there has been an evolution. And dating is not an alien to that change as well. Depicting such a change, which is particularly something that takes the wrong turn, is the movie Newness. The movie is a rather unusual and yet intriguing take on how surroundings can affect any relationship, no matter how perfect they seem to be. Stream this for a different view on relationships.

365 Days

Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning the one movie that sparked such an interest in viewers but also disappointed them in a way no other movie did. This rather raunchy and erotic Polish thriller is more about the steamy sexual encounters and less about the story it desires to deliver. 365 Days features two characters who desire to overpower each other, but they end up having a lot of sex. However, this movie is something that you should definitely check out, just for the sake of understanding how the NC-17 rating works for Netflix and for any production house.

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This 2017 erotic romance movie marks the cinematic debut of the Spanish filmmaker Esteban Crespo. Amar tells a story that has been in the director’s mind for a long time; it truly shows that he has had extensive thought and planning behind this movie. Even though the movie captures intimacy between two primary characters, never do we feel it to be anything close to obscene. The movie celebrates the transition into adulthood, and it is indeed a must-watch for anyone who appreciated great cinema.

Tell us if you have watched any of these movies on Netflix. And let us know what are your thoughts on them.

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