Netflix Movie Uncut Gems Star Julia Fox Calls Herself Josh Safdie’s Muse

Netflix Movie Uncut Gems Star Julia Fox Calls Herself Josh Safdie’s Muse

The newly minted A-lister, Julia Fox has been on the news a lot lately. Having starred in the Netflix movie Uncut Gems, she garnered a lot of attention. However, the tabloids’ obsession with the star started with her affair with famed rapper, Kanye West. Considering all the mess Kanye gets mixed up in, it was likely that his girlfriend would receive a lot of spotlight. But now with the pair having broken up after 2 months of dating, Julia’s Josh Safdie’s muse meme has been going around a lot. Was the Lower East Side IT girl really the inspiration for Josh? 

Josh Safdie was inspired by Julia Fox while writing Uncut Gems 

Julia confessed that she was Josh Safdie’s muse in Uncut Gems on the Call Her Daddy podcast. Josh Safdie is the director of the Netflix production, Uncut Gems. She made the confession when the host Alex Cooper asked her whether she also inspired the rapper. According to her, she may have been his muse too, but she can’t be sure of that. She goes on to explain that Julia, her character in the Netflix movie Uncut Gems, draws a lot from her own personality. “Being independent, resilient, being a hustler, having a ride-or-die mentality, and overall just being really cute.”

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Her alluring personality caught Josh’s attention 

Josh has previously mentioned his reasons for casting her in Uncut Gems. He was immediately taken with her alluring nature. Julia’s hard-to-pin-down personality got her the big acting break. “I remember stumbling into her universe through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend … and at first, you couldn’t quite figure out the type of person that she was, and it was very, very alluring. It was exciting. She was constantly redefining who you thought you were talking to.”

The dark tense thriller Uncut Gems follows Adam Sandler’s character who makes high stakes bet. Josh has revealed that the movie is loosely based on his father’s stories. His father used to work under an outsider, Howard, in the Diamond District. The real life Howard is the surprising inspiration behind the reel character.

Have you streamed Uncut Gems on Netflix yet? What did you think of Fox’s inspiration behind the characters? Comment down below!

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