Details We Bet You Missed in Vikings: Valhalla, Check if You Are a True Fan?

Details We Bet You Missed in Vikings: Valhalla, Check if You Are a True Fan?

There are many connections between Vikings: Valhalla and its predecessor Vikings. Valhalla picks up 100 years after the finale of the History Channel series Vikings. So there were bound to be connections between the two, given that they are in the same universe and even share the same creative mind, Michael Hirst, the show’s executive producer.

So, there were a few similarities between Vikings: Valhalla and its predecessor that we noticed. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Kattegat changes in Vikings: Valhalla

Kattegat was a small port town when we first saw it in Vikings, but by the time Vikings: Valhalla begins, it has grown into a multicultural trade center. It is a free city in Norway and the center of the Viking world. The location has natural defenses, such as a narrow entryway that makes it difficult for an invading fleet to enter.

Prince Harald’s father

In the initial episodes of Vikings: Valhalla, Prince Harald Sigurdsson reveals he is the great-grandson of Harald Finehair. People who have seen Vikings will recognise Harald Finehair. He was a Viking king who defied all odds to become King of Norway as a whole. He believed it was his destiny to rule his kingdom, putting him at odds with Ragnar and his sons.

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Jarl Kare’s symbol

Jarl Kare has no patience for ancient methods, and he wishes to eradicate the Old Gods entirely. When it comes to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, Jarl Kare is ruthless. When we learn more about his past, the causes for his distorted viewpoint become evident. Kare was raised as a Pagan, and he saw his brother die as a human sacrifice to the gods when he was a child. Kare hides his origins by wearing gloves. On the palm of his hand, he has a Y-shaped symbol tattooed. Algiz, the old Norse rune of protection, is the name of the sign. In the Vikings series, it has been seen many times.

Attack on Kattegat foreshadowed in Vikings: Valhalla

When we see Kattegat in this show, we see Jarl Haakon ruling over it. She tells Freyds Eirksdóttir that she’s experienced dreams where the water around Kattegat recedes into the ocean, displaying a plethora of fish. Some individuals consider it a blessing. When the water returns, though, it causes enormous devastation. This leads us to believe that Haakon’s dreamed of a Tsunami, which was foreshadowed in season 4 of Vikings.

Is there anything more we should know about the forthcoming Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla? Watch the show and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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