How Ruby Predicted Tommy Shelby’s Death in Peaky Blinders Season 6

How Ruby Predicted Tommy Shelby’s Death in Peaky Blinders Season 6

Not far too long ago, we had Helen McCrory’s Aunt Polly as the brains behind every decision the Peaky Blinders make. The possessor of the gift of second sight, Polly indeed, was the sensible choice. A mother figure to the Shelby brothers and the actual mother of the menace Michael Gray, Polly was, more often than not, crushed between the two powerful men. Tommy Shelby and Michael, one of whom shall receive death soon.

Polly predicted that the two cousins would come face to face with each other. She even predicted that one of them shall die at the hands of the other, but she was not sure who it would be. However, we believe that the first episode of Peaky Blinders season just predicted who will be the one who meets his end, and sadly, it is Tommy Shelby who will face death. And here is why we think so.

Spoiler Alert

We will discuss an important part of the Peaky Blinders season 6 episode. Hence, if you are not up to date with the series, we recommend you move ahead with caution. Now that we are clear about the spoiler warning, let us dive right into the juicy part of the theory.

Ruby’s vision of a green-eyed man confirms the death of Tommy Shelby

In the ending scenes of the Peaky Blinders season 6’s first episode, we see a rather tensed Tommy. The reason for this was the vision that his daughter Ruby had been having, following a high fever. Lizzie, his wife, told him about this green-eyed man that Ruby claims to see, and also how she was muttering this Gypsy phrase, “Tikna Mora O Beng. Which roughly translates to some combination of the words daughter, devil, and friend.

While the phrase itself is very concerning, it was the mention of the green-eyed man that truly bothered Thomas. Polly previously predicted how Tommy and Michael will get into a fight, and one of them will kill the other. But Polly was never sure about who will come out alive from that face-off. However, it seems like the gift of second sight was passed down to the young Shelby, and she has predicted the death of her own father with it.

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Fans have pointed out how Michael has green eyes, and that may just explain the green-eyed man in Ruby’s vision. And given that green is a color associated with jealousy, and how Michael is clearly after Tommy out of anger and jealousy. It makes sense to assume he will bring death to Tommy Shelby.

We are, of course, sad at the mere thought of seeing Tommy Shelby die, but we also can’t really do much if that actually happens. Do you believe it may actually happen? Let us know in the comments below? We are also hoping Netflix brings this series on the platform soon!

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