“Netflix didn’t tell us”, Jon Hurwitz Revealed Why They Were The Ones Who Decided to End ‘Cobra Kai’ After Season 6

“Netflix didn’t tell us”, Jon Hurwitz Revealed Why They Were The Ones Who Decided to End ‘Cobra Kai’ After Season 6

While many shows end due to issues or lack of viewership, Cobra Kai was an exception. The series that united lovers of karate did not even expect to last as long as they did. But every good thing must come to an end. Although the fans do not seem to be done just yet.

Months after the news of the series ending reached us, creator Jon Hurwitz gets asked about the Netflix hit show. But Hurwitz does not mind and often clarifies doubts by answering many of the questions.

How Jon Hurwitz set the record straight on the show’s end

With so many new shows, Netflix often has to make the tough decision of letting a few of them go. So when one fan on Twitter wondered if it was the OTT’s decision to end Cobra Kai, its creator clarified the misconception.

Netflix didn’t tell us it was the last season,” he really replied. He added how it was the show makers who notified the platform about the series ending. The creator explained how he gladly ended the series on his own terms. But along with that came the assurance of continuing on with the Miyagiverse. This could hint at either something on the big screens or a spin-off show as well.

Cobra Kai released its first episode back in April 2018. After initial success, four other seasons came on, making it a total of 50 episodes. Now, a sixth and final season was announced in January 2023 now.

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While there will be a long time before season 6 is released, here is a look into the series so far.

How Cobra Kai turned itself into a full-blown series decades after Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio, who will always be known as the Karate Kid, made a comeback into the same character, decades after playing the role of a teen. While his character Daniel Russo wins the competition in the movie, the show displays the after-effects of the loss on his rival, Johnny Lawrence.

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka in Cobra Kai
Credits: Imago

Trying to relive and make up for his old days, Lawrence begins training a young student, who is a rival of LaRusso’s junior and Lawrence’s son. This, in turn, wages a new war between the young ones, reigniting the rivalry between the adult characters. They introduced a lot of new characters through the series and together they form parts of the high-potential Miyagiverse.

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