Neil Gaiman Hints at the Possibility of Including Asian Actors in ‘The Sandman’

Neil Gaiman Hints at the Possibility of Including Asian Actors in ‘The Sandman’

Netflix made the fans go berserk last month by releasing the much-awaited fantasy masterpiece series, The Sandman. It took over three decades for the renowned author Neil Gaiman to create magic on the screen that truly paid homage to the iconic comic book. After seeing the series, fans can say with conviction that the wait of 34 years was worth it to meet Lord Morpheous and his family.  

The series wows the fans with true cinematic aesthetics as a personification of Dream enters the human world and everything turns upside down. The Sandman has everything one can expect from a fantasy drama; monsters, dreams, desires, talking birds, hell, magic, immortal human beings, and gods. While Neil Gaiman’s show made a historic triumph in the cinema world, it also left a few fans disappointed with the Asian representation. The author turned producer has finally addressed the issue of more Asians in the series in the future.

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Neil Gaiman opens up on the East Asia representation in The Sandman

Neil Gaiman is known for diversity in his characters. The Sandman also had a handful of Asian actors, including the likes of Sanjeev Bhaskar, Asim Chaudhary, Lourdes Faberes, Nina Wadia, Meera Syal, and many more. However, what pinched the fans was the low East Asia representation in the iconic series. Gaiman is aware of the same and has promised more Asian actors in his films and TV projects.

A few days ago, a Twitter user hailed Neil for his inclusive and fantastic casting shows. The fan also mentioned the presence of Asians in his projects, including The Sandman, Good Omens, and American Gods,. However, the person expressed their desire to see more people that have East Asia roots. Gaiman acknowledged the message with a direct answer, indicating more East Asia representation in his shows. 

Will Netflix Greenlight The Sandman season 2?

The Sandman fans have a reason to be worried as Netflix is yet to give a go-ahead to the second season of the iconic television series. Despite having over one billion minute views, Neil Gaiman’s series has failed to shell out money from the streaming platform. 

Gaiman stated last month that The Sandman requires an enormous amount of investment. Thus, the platform will be looking at the success of the show for over a month or so to take the final decision on the next season.

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Are you excited to see more East Asia actors in The Sandman by Neil Gaiman? Do let us know in the comments.

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