WATCH: How Did the Scene of Dream vs. Lucifer Come to Life in ‘The Sandman’

WATCH: How Did the Scene of Dream vs. Lucifer Come to Life in ‘The Sandman’

The Sandman has been streaming on Netflix since August 5, 2022, and it has garnered all the attention a television series can possibly get. The much-awaited series has been trending number one or number two all over the globe. It is being hailed as one of the best adaptions to grace the screens in recent times as the series gives full justice to Neil Gaiman’s vision and 1988 comic.

What makes the series stand out from the other fantasy shows is its focus on the purity and potential of humanity and human beings despite the presence of godly powers. While the series has a lot of wow moments, one particular instance that might live with the viewers forever is the confrontation between the Dream of the Endless and the Ruler of Hell

A glance at Lucifer and Dream filming the battle

Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel shared a behind-the-stage moment to give the fans a sneak peek into the fight between the two rulers. The video draws a comparison between the actual scene and how it was filmed with different camera angles and VFX. 

In episode four of The Sandman, A Hope in Hell, Dream had to go against Lucifer Morningstar (Ruler of Hell) to get back his magical helmet. A demon called Choronzon took Dream’s helmet and he chose Lucifer as his champion in the fight. The protagonist and Hell ruler decided to play the Oldest Game with the condition of Dream being in Hell as a slave for an eternity if he ends up losing. 

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What is the Oldest Game in The Sandman?

The Oldest Game is notably a battle between supernatural powers with their sharpness as their weapons. The game became intriguing as the two opponents faced the physical consequences of each other’s attack. Dream and Lucifer continue saying concepts like animals, bacteria, the world, the universe, and anti-life.

The Ruler of the Hell plays a masterstroke by mentioning anti-life, and Dream of the Endless finds himself in trouble. However, while being on the verge of losing, he mentions hope that leaves Lucifer stumped. It would not have been easy to shoot this scene with both the opponents exhibiting their supernatural powers. 

Though episode four ends with Dream taking his helmet back, it also hints toward an animosity between him and the ruler of hell. Lucifer promises to take revenge on the protagonist sometime in the future.

What do you think will be Lucifer’s next move in Netflix’s The Sandman

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