The Sandman X Good Omens: Neil Gaiman Shed Light On A Possibility Of A Crossover For His Two Fan-Favorite Shows

The Sandman X Good Omens: Neil Gaiman Shed Light On A Possibility Of A Crossover For His Two Fan-Favorite Shows

 The Sandman is a world of fantasies and imagination created by the visionary writer Neil Gaiman. The arrival of the show on Netflix took over social media for its unique presentation where a personification of Dream entered the human world. The author has interwoven the storyline so remarkably that one cannot help but wonder what is in front of their screens. He sprucely brought different worlds of fiction, myth, and history altogether in one comic series.

Beginning with fairytales to famous figures and even the worst nightmares of people, Neil tends to experiment with things like he did by casting Gwendoline as Lucifer. Now it seems that the executive producer has more plans to continue the legacy as he sheds light on a possibility of a crossover for his two fan-favorite shows. What new idea is cooking up in this legendary author’s mind? Read ahead to know more!

Neil Gaiman made a promise to the Good Omens stars  for The Sandman

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Neil Gaiman sat down to break down the creation of the Dream of a thousand cats episode. The episode came as a surprise two weeks after the arrival of The Sandman on Netflix. Viewers saw the story of animated cats and then calliope caged by mortals in the waking world.

During the conversation, it was revealed by the author that he brought the famous faces from his other amazing writing Good Omens. Michael Sheen played Aziraphale, and David Tennant, aka Crowley did a voiceover in the episode. They both agreed to voice the cat owners in animation on one special condition.

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“The main thing was that we had to promise both of them that if they lent their voices to this, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t come back and actually be in the Sandman TV show later,” explained the actor.

He said that he has been working with the Twilight star and David Tennant for a long time. And they love how he brought the epic characters of The Sandman to life. Therefore, they wanted to be a part of the show in the future. Since they also want to come back in the future, this might not be their last appearance on the show.

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What do you think will the promise be fulfilled in maybe next season? Would you like to see these talented faces once again in a Gaiman world? Leave your comments below!

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