‘The Sandman’ Star Gwendoline Christie Explains What Lucifer Morningstar Does in Hell After First Bout With Dream of the Endless

‘The Sandman’ Star Gwendoline Christie Explains What Lucifer Morningstar Does in Hell After First Bout With Dream of the Endless

With not even a week since its release, The Sandman adaptation sits on the throne of Netflix’s top 10. Based on Neil Gaiman’s most beloved comic book collection, The Sandman was one of the most anticipated live-action adaptations. With multiple failed attempts in the past, the creators finally delivered a brilliant rendition that reveres the source material. From the world-building to the performances, the audience and the critics loved every aspect of the show.

Despite the initial backlash, Gwendoline Christie’s portrayal as the ruler of Hell won hearts all over the world. In fact, fans couldn’t have enough of the devil and kept hoping for them to have more screen time. Christie’s return in the final scene of season one has fans super excited as it teases a deeper storyline in the next season for our beloved Satan. But we can’t help but wonder what went down in Hell after the memorable face-off between Dream and Lucifer. Luckily, Gwendoline Christie has all the answers for us.

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Gwendoline Christie explains Lucifer’s absence after ‘A Hope in Hell’

In an exclusive interview with Express, the incredibly powerful Gwendoline Christie opened up about her character arc from The Sandman. When asked what the devil was up to after their defeat in episode 4 of the show, Christie had a hilarious response. “Self-care in hell,joked the British actor. Referencing her gorgeous look from the show, she adds, “Well, it clearly involves a red satin robe. It’s time to really relax.” Taking the detoxing metaphor seriously, Christie also reveals that “any kind of corset, control underwear, shapewear is discarded.” 

The funny quips aside, Gwendoline shared the devil was busy plotting their next move against the Dream of The Endless. After The Sandman humiliated them in front of subjects, there was undoubtedly a lot of “storming down those marble corridors.” There probably was also plenty of “swearing, screaming at demons, staring into the fire and plotting the ultimate revenge.”

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Who is Lucifer in Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman

The character of Lucifer Morningstar had a lot of buzz around them ever since the announcement of a live-action version of The Sandman. The Devil himself was one of the most fascinating characters in Gaiman’s graphic novels. So much so that the fallen angel had his own spin-off series called Lucifer starring Tom Ellis. However, Netflix’s The Sandman follows the comic book storyline for the same Lucifer more closely.

Gwendoline Christie first appears as the formidable ruler of Hell in episode 4 of the show titled A Hope in Hell. Morpheus, the king of dreams, descends to the purgatory in an attempt to retrieve his stolen helm. Weak after his century long imprisonment and lost powers, Dream’s worst fear come true when he has to fight the fallen angel. The ordeal ended up in an epic battle of the mind between Dream and Lucifer. With a nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat faceoff, the ruler of The Dreaming finally emerged victorious.

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While there have been no confirmations regarding season 2, we, for one, cannot wait for Lucifer’s return. What do you think about Gwendoline Christie’s portrayal as Lucifer Morningstar? And if you haven’t already, check out The Sandman streaming on Netflix.


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