Neil Gaiman Denies Season 2 Talks for ‘The Sandman’, “ no word or decision from Netflix…”

Neil Gaiman Denies Season 2 Talks for ‘The Sandman’, “ no word or decision from Netflix…”

We still have a lot to explore in the Dreaming, but it all depends on how the Netflix executives feel about it. The Sandman adaptation dropped on Netflix to much hype and it has certainly lived up to it. The Neil Gaiman series was very much faithful to the comics and has left fans utterly floored with the lush visuals and incredible performances. Ever since its premiere, the rich dark fantasy has done quite well on the charts, yet it’s still awaiting a renewal. Neil Gaiman himself denied any talks about The Sandman renewal on Twitter.

Neil Gaiman clarifies that Netflix hasn’t officially commissioned The Sandman season 2 

Writer Neil Gaiman took to Twitter to answer a fan question that Netflix is yet to make a decision on The Sandman season 2. As of now, they haven’t had any further discussions about season 2. The streamer will make its decision to cancel or renew the show based on its performance on the platform for a month. Netflix already has a notorious reputation for canceling shows after one season. This is because the cost of production increases every season and until the show rakes in enough numbers, the executives at the top aren’t willing to invest more in the project.

Meanwhile, “something else” turned out to be a bonus episode. The steamer released a two-part bonus episode on August 19. The bonus episode adapted the two short stories – Calliope and A Dream of a Thousand Cats

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They are already working on a non-confirmed season 2

All hope isn’t lost yet! Co-creator David S.Goyer had disclosed that they were already working on the season 2 script even before the show premiered. They were confident enough that the show would get a green light for another season. The second season is likely to follow Morpheus as he struggles to rule over both Hell and Dreaming as Lucifer leaves his domain to him as revenge.

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Since the original comic book series ran for 75 issues, the creators still have a vast amount of content to churn out multiple seasons. Do you think Netflix will renew the show for a second season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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