‘The Sandman’ Bestows Fans With a Bonus Episode, and They Are Absolutely Loving It

‘The Sandman’ Bestows Fans With a Bonus Episode, and They Are Absolutely Loving It

Deemed as an unfilmable comic book series for decades, Netflix finally took the challenge to bring the globally acclaimed series The Sandman to the screens. With author Neil Gaiman, David S.Goyer, and Allan Heinberg onboard, the adaptation met all the expectations of the fans and was yet another hit for the streamer. The streamer released all 10 episodes Of The Sandman simultaneously on the platform, but if you have binged all of them and still want more, Netflix has a bonus episode waiting for you!

Netflix gifts fans with a special bonus episode of The Sandman 

The streamer dropped a bonus episode of the dark fantasy series without any hints. And fans are going utterly bonkers over it! 

What are the two episodes about?

The two-part bonus episode of The Sandman is based on two short stories – A Dream of a Thousand Cats and Calliope. Gaiman authored both short stories and is extremely beloved in the comic book universe. The narrative in the bonus episode doesn’t follow the main story, but Dream remains the titular character even in the bonus episode. Director Hisko Hulsing and Louise Hopper, who collaborated on the series’ final episode, directed the two-part bonus episode. 

A Dream of Thousand Cats tells the story of a cat who becomes disillusioned after witnessing a brutal murder. She then embarks on a journey with Dream. It’s to be an animation with Hisko Hulsing at the helm. The voice cast includes big names – Sandra Oh, Rosie Day, David Gyasi, James McAvoy, David Tennant, Michael Sheen, and Tom Wu. The second part of the bonus episode is a tale about a writer who is experiencing writer’s block after delivering a best-selling novel. In a desperate attempt, he cuts a deal with an entity to find the spark to write again. Louise Hopper is directing Calliope, which stars Melissanthi Mahut, Arthur Darvill, Amita Suman, Kevin Harvey, And Derek Jacobi. 

Although Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the show, the bonus episode is a treat! It’s already streaming

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