“My kids made me these…”- Ryan Reynolds Shows off His Favorite Jewelry at the 2022 American Cinematheque Awards

“My kids made me these…”- Ryan Reynolds Shows off His Favorite Jewelry at the 2022 American Cinematheque Awards

The father of three adorable girls James, Betty, and Inez, Ryan Reynolds is the coolest parent you could ever see. Fans have seen how he talks about his daughters in interviews and posts humorous tweets about them. The Vancouver-born star has mentioned thousands of times how blessed he is to have them in his life.

While he expressed his wish to have another baby girl in the family since Blake Lively is pregnant with a fourth kid. He loves the vibe of his home completely taken over by females as he grew up among boys. Binding all those threads of love the Deadpool star shows off his favorite jewelry at the 2022 American Cinematheque Awards. 

Ryan Reynolds dons the cutest jewelry made by his kids at the award show

Ryan Reynolds recently walked the red carpet at the 36th Annual American Cinematheque Award Ceremony at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Even though the charming star came solo at the event he brought some special gifts from home. The Free Guy star showed his bracelets made by his little girls to Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans.

“My kids made me these bracelets, I know, and I would be foolish to not wear them,” revealed the 45-year-old actor. Moreover, he added that his daughter spelled Dad as “DVD” and joked it weirdly connects to his job that he used to do 12 years ago. Moving forward the Red Notice star also talked about the award his wife will be presenting to him.

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He said that Blake Lively is unpredictable and nobody knows what she would say at the ceremony. Well, it is quite true since we have seen the couple roasting each other on social media. Gossip Girl star gives a head-to-head competition to her humorous husband when it comes to trolling.

As for now, the couple is really excited about the arrival of their fourth baby and they don’t know what it gonna be like. Like Ryan Reynolds said on Jimmy Fallon’s show “we never find out. We always wait until they come down the chute.” So fans might also need to wait until the news comes!

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What do you think about Ryan Reynolds giving major daddy vibes? Tell us your views in the comments and stay tuned for more updates.

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