“Are you kidding? She stared down…” – The Mummy Star Brendan Fraser on Co-star Sadie Sink Ahead of ‘The Whale’ Release

“Are you kidding? She stared down…” – The Mummy Star Brendan Fraser on Co-star Sadie Sink Ahead of ‘The Whale’ Release

We have already seen the hold Sadie Sink has on fans when they stood for her during the Emmy nominations, while others said that she deserved an Oscar for her performance in Stranger Things. Well, there is no doubt that the young actress has garnered a strong fanbase after her breakout role as Max Mayfield.

Her compelling talent has not gone unnoticed seeing the opportunity she is handed after the series. The 20-year-old star has worked with big industry names including Taylor Swift in All Too Well. People who have seen her roles are completely enamored by this red-haired actor. And that includes The Mummy star Brendan Fraser.

Brendan Fraser is a fan of his co-star Sadie Sink

In a clip posted on Twitter from the UK premiere of The Whale, Brendan Fraser was asked about Sadie Sink. The Mummy star is a fan of the notorious series Stranger Things and loved how Sadie played the powerful role of Max Mayfield.

“Are you kidding? She stared down at Vecna,” remarked the 53-year-old star. Brendan appreciated his co-star for showing courage in the showdown scene between Vecna and Max.

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This was a heroic moment for fans when Max did not give up, even in the most terrifying situation of her life. Moreover, the way she fought back against the biggest evil is something unforgettable. Sadie’s struggle of running up the hill from Vecna will always have a part in fans’ memories.

What is this new psychological drama The Whale is about? 

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, The Whale is a film based on the screenplay written by Samuel D. Hunter. The movie is an emotional presentation that touches on delicate issues, from family relationships to body image.

The Whale puts Brendan Fraser in the frame as Sadie Sink’s father trying to connect with his daughter after a chaotic past. The Doom Patrol star has made a comeback in the industry with this role after a long pause.

The movie premiered at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, where Sadie Sink left fans mesmerized donning a beautiful gown. Meanwhile, she developed great chemistry with his on-screen daddy during the shooting. We have seen their adorable pictures floating on the internet from the Toronto Film Festival.

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The Whale has been officially slated for a wider release on Friday, December 9th, 2022. Will you be watching it?

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