“My ass is far from…..”: When Neil Patrick Harris jokingly replied to a fan’s questions on the internet

“My ass is far from…..”: When Neil Patrick Harris jokingly replied to a fan’s questions on the internet

Neil Patrick Harris is a triple kill. The man has managed to conquer the acting world, the music world, and the art of being one of the most amazing television hosts. Given all his talents, Neil has been at the receiving end of many prestigious awards, such as the Tony Award and also five Primetime Emmy Awards. Furthermore, the How I Met Your Mother actor also received a Grammy Award and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Fans consider his role in Doogie Howser, M.D. as one of his most iconic roles. The role also bagged him a nomination at the Golden Globes. Apart from his countless achievements and the obvious plethora of talents that he possesses, Neil Patrick Harris is known for his sense of humor. He sat down with GQ and answered fan questions in his hilarious style.

Neil Patrick Harris talks about anti-aging secrets, politics, and kissing girls

With a pinch of hilarious jokes, Neil Patrick Harris answered fans’ questions anonymously over Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and YouTube. Neil’s segment is probably the best addition to the Actually Me series on GQ. Starting with a safe anti-aging secret question, Neil emphasized moisturizing. But of course, it’s Neil Patrick Harris, and he had to advise drinking blood, not to age. 


Next, Neil did not shy away when asked how he felt while kissing girls, given that he is homosexual. Patrick said kissing girls is amazing and recalled an instance where he kissed an 85-year-old girl. How much credibility does this story hold? Considering Neil and the copious number of funny bones present in his system, we say none.

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The video’s highlight was when a Yahoo fan asked where they could find the actor’s crying compilations, as one should, and Neil gave an in-depth answer. He talked about how he is not one of those actors who look good while crying with a clenched jaw as one tear falls from their eye.

He brilliantly termed his cry a “goat cry,” and we will now be using this term daily. Lastly, when a fan on Quora asked what the most badass thing about him was, Neil took it to heart and said, “my ass is far from bad, easy,” and seemed incredibly proud of himself after that comment. You can watch Neil Patrick Harris’ Gone Girl on Netflix.

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