Multimillionaire Ryan Reynolds Is Buying Many Odd Companies Altogether With Business Partner Rob McElhenney

Multimillionaire Ryan Reynolds Is Buying Many Odd Companies Altogether With Business Partner Rob McElhenney

Ryan Reynolds is one of the few actors in the world who has taken up a lot of business apart from acting. Ryan owns a very successful brand called Aviation American Gin. Apart from Aviation Gin, Ryan also has a Telecommunication brand called Mint Mobile. However, the most outrageous recent purchase that the Canadian actor made was the world’s oldest football club.

Alongside his business partner Rob McElhenney, Ryan bought Wrexham, which is a Welsh football club. As a result of their out-of-the-box purchases in the recent appearance of Ryan on Jimmy Kimmel, they buy a lot of different brands in the most hilarious way possible. Let us take a look at what companies the duo buys.

Ryan Reynolds was on a spending spree on Jimmy Kimmel with Rob McElhenney

With a career spanning over three decades, Ryan has a staggering net worth of $150 Million, according to sources. However, his acting career did not help him reach the figure he has today. A huge contributor to Ryan’s net worth is the businesses he owns with Rob. And in his recent Jimmy Kimmel episode, Ryan and Rob did a funny skit where they posed as potential inventors who are buying different brands.

The Adam Project actor starts by proclaiming that he shall but Radio Shacks all over the country and rename them “The Museum of Random Cords.” Moving on, Rob announces that they are planning to buy Zoom. But they still do not understand how they make money out of it. Finally, to end their skit, they announce that they have recently bought “Hollywood’s most valuable assets,” Keanu Reeves causing the audience to burst into laughter.

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Ryan and Rob’s partnership started when the duo bought the football club last year in October. Even though Ryan has stated multiple times that he had no intention of buying a club, one can spot both owners at various club matches, and they are immensely enjoying it.

We will soon be seeing Ryan in his musical adaptation of the classic Christmas Carol. And who knows, meanwhile, Ryan and Rob might actually buy another company?

Which company would you like the partners to own? Let us know your answers in the comments.

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