“Can’t CGI the pain away”: When Ryan Reynolds Took a Dig at Henry Cavill and His Infamous Justice League Mustache

“Can’t CGI the pain away”: When Ryan Reynolds Took a Dig at Henry Cavill and His Infamous Justice League Mustache

If there is one celebrity in Hollywood who is the funniest and most sarcastic of all, then it has to be Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is not only witty in his movies but is equally hilarious in real life. One can always find him messing with interviewers or taking digs at his fellow co-stars. However, in 2019 Ryan cracked a joke and teased Henry Cavill, who was playing Superman at that time.

Now four years since Henry has put down the cape and taken up a sword in Netflix‘s The Witcher. Let us take a look back at the hilarious joke by Ryan Reynolds and what was the story behind it.

Back when Ryan Reynolds made fun of Henry’s Superman

The Adam Project star took a shot at Henry Cavill’s Superman in the Justice League disaster on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, prompting the Enola Holmes actor to answer in the positive. Reynolds wore a mustache in a video clip to advertise his Aviation Gin business, and when he took a sip, the stache vanished due to poor CGI.

In response to the comments, Henry Cavill stated, “Can’t CGI the pain away….make mine a double.” Ryan has always had friendly banter with his co-stars on social media such as his fellow mutant Hugh Jackman. This was just one of the instances when Ryan teased a fellow superhero, although it was great to see our Witcher take the joke in the right manner and respond in an equally hilarious way.

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What was the context of the joke?

2019 seems ages ago. A lot has happened since. So if you guys don’t remember what happened. We don’t hold it against you. Here is what led to the joke. Because numerous scenes in Justice League were reshot after Whedon took control, Cavill was brought in to reshoot scenes as the Man of Steel.

The only problem was that Cavill was in the middle of filming Mission: Impossible- Fallout, in which he sports a mustache. As Paramount wouldn’t allow him to shave it for the Justice League reshoots, the effects team had to remove it digitally. The end product was less than ideal.

Did you guys like Henry in the Justice League or not? Let us know in the comments.

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