Missing or Evading? Kanye West Leaves the Internet Guessing as His Lawyer Is on a Hunt to Sue Him

Missing or Evading? Kanye West Leaves the Internet Guessing as His Lawyer Is on a Hunt to Sue Him

Is Kanye West missing? The singer has been in the midst of all controversies in the last few months. Even his music took a backseat when the singer started getting political and shared his opinions in the media. The artist managed to get himself banned from social media, and even Elon Musk had to ban him after reinstating his account.

When the ban came, the artist started giving interviews with different podcasts, including the controversial Alex Jones episode. His opinions affected his wealth greatly, as he lost his billionaire status due to the abrupt ending of his partnerships with fashion brands like Adidas. Now, with all the social media presence, the Donda singer seems to have disappeared, and it has left the whole internet scouting for answers.

Where is Kanye West? The internet wonders

Has Kanye West disappeared or is the singer evading the incoming trouble? RapTV host Mario Perez seems to be answering this question in the news outlet’s latest Instagram post. People on social media are left in question as to what may have happened to the artist, although most were just in the comments for making meme content. Although one fan claims that he may not have disappeared, rather, just disappeared from social media, which is deemed unusual for the vocal artist. But genuine fans are worried for his well-being, and that has certainly given rise to suspicions and different theories. 

Ye once shared screenshots of celebrity coach Harley Pasternak’s text messages, which sounded rather threatening. Everyone supported West upon seeing the texts, but there is no proof of his involvement. One commenter did claim to have seen him in his town parading for something with a logo. Although one of the likely reasons for his disappearance could be his financial condition.

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His former Donda employee is looking to send legal papers but is unable to trace him. The 4.5 million suits will take place for breach of contract for nonpayment of salary.

Do you think Kanye West is in harm’s way or has he simply gone undercover due to financial depression? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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