Next Voldemort? Amid Reboot Rumors, Internet Bestows Kanye West the Title of “He who must not be named”

Next Voldemort? Amid Reboot Rumors, Internet Bestows Kanye West the Title of “He who must not be named”

Kanye West may have been canceled from social media, but his music continues to top the charts. The Donda singer is still considered one of the best rappers in the industry, but his music seems to have taken a backseat since his controversies. He has been in the limelight for the last couple of months, but mainly for the wrong reasons.

The singer lost a lot of allies and fans when he made anti-semitic comments. Instead of apologizing, he only doubled down on his opinions by praising Hitler during his interviews. Now, Last. FM put his name in the top singer’s list but later edited him out. This has sparked a hilarious discussion amongst viewers as they find themselves in splits.

Fans have mixed reactions as Kanye West is edited from a list of top singers

While Voldemort was the biggest villain in Harry Potter, Kanye West seems to have taken his place in real life. Last. FM released a list of top singers on the last day of 2022. The first name on the list was Taylor Swift, with Drake and The Weeknd ranking before Ye. But considering Ye’s public image, they have edited out his name.  Perhaps what is funny is that, instead of replacing his name which was in 6th position, they just left it blank. The internet is now dubbing him as, “He who must not be named“, and that is how people seem to be treating him as well.

Memezar later posted it on Instagram, and fans made some hilarious comments. Since Voldemort was referred to as ‘one who must not be named,’ the name stuck on Ye as well. However, one fan mocked how the villainous J.K. Rowling character still had a reality check, unlike West. But there are also those who have faith in the artist. One fan feels that the Donda singer’s opinion should be kept separate from his music

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What do you think about Ye being edited out of the music list because of his opinions? Comment your thoughts.

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