Mindy Kaling Reveals The True Reasons She Does Not Want ‘Never Have I Ever’ To End, And It Is Definitely Not The Story

Mindy Kaling Reveals The True Reasons She Does Not Want ‘Never Have I Ever’ To End, And It Is Definitely Not The Story

The Netflix teen comedy Never Have I Ever is finally returning with its long-awaited third season on August 12, 2022. Setting a new romance path for Devi Vishwakumar is going to be another enthralling season of madness and drama. As the trailer revealed High School is shocked to see this new couple entering hand in hand. Well, it’s not new that Devi’s mind always indulges in new shenanigans.

So what beautiful mess she is gonna create this season we will get to know soon. It seems that the show will leave people astounded since the creator herself seemed too excited for the release in her interview. Let’s dive deeper into the conversation about why Mindy Kaling doesn’t want this teen drama to end.

Never Have I Ever is bringing something more than fame to Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling stopped by The Late Show this Tuesday to have a chit-chat with Stephen Colbert about her show. The new season created an upheaval after Netflix dropped the trailer of Never Have I Ever season 3. In her interview, the executive producer revealed that this season will definitely heat things up. When a young handsome Indian boy enters the screen leaving all the girls mesmerized.

During the conversation, the host asked Mindy what she feels that the show will be concluded in season 4. To which she reverted with an amusing answer “I LOVE MONEY”. Making everyone laugh she added “Am I allowed to be rewind for edit?” Well, the show has received a positive reaction from viewers and there is no doubt it is doing good.

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Moreover, she also told Stephen Colbert that no matter how attached everyone has become to the series they are going to end it in season 4. Because it is the perfect way for a High School drama to end. If you wanna watch the whole interview take a look below:

The episode titles for season 3 have been announced

Season 3 has once again continued its legacy of giving intriguing episode names. As said by Collider it seems Devi is gonna have a hell of a ride with a real relationship and uninvited drama with it.

  • “…Been Slut-Shamed”
  • “…Had My Own Troll”
  • “…Had a Valentine”
  • “…Made Someone Jealous”
  • “…Been Ghosted”
  • “…Had a Breakdown”
  • “…Cheated”
  • “…Hooked Up with My Boyfriend”
  • “…Had an [SPOILER]”
  • “…Lived the Dream”

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Never Have I Ever Season 3 will premiere this Friday exclusively on Netflix. Until then stay tuned with us to know every exclusive information about your favorite show.

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