Millie Bobby Brown Wishes to Be Another Number Rather Than Eleven for THIS Reason

Millie Bobby Brown Wishes to Be Another Number Rather Than Eleven for THIS Reason

From an up-and-coming child actress, Millie Bobby Brown is a full-blown movie star today. Her talent and screen presence has made her one of the most sought-after performers in today’s generations. A lot of this fame and success is due to her breakout role in Netflix’s flagship series Stranger Things. However, with all the love and appreciation she received for her role as the telekinetic teenager, also came a whole barrage of Eleven jokes.

Millie Bobby Brown has time and again expressed her annoyance and fatigue with the infinite puns and wisecracks that come her way. Recently, she even expressed how she would like to pick a whole other number in place of Eleven. Can you guess her preference and the reason behind it?

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Why does Millie Bobby Brown want to be associated with another number?

Ever since the first season of Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown has not been able to shake off the Eleven tag. While she loves her on-screen persona and character arc, the repeated jokes and jibes are getting old and tiresome. About a day ago, on November 10, Brown took Vanity Fair’s signature lie detector test. During the test, she even explicitly expressed how she wished “every day” that people would stop with the Eleven jokes.

When asked if she would rather be associated with another number instead, the Enola Holmes actress had an answer locked and loaded. Eight,” she replied promptly. As the examiner asked her to elaborate on her answer, she said,

It’s my favorite soccer team player, Steven Gerrard.

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For those who do not know, Steven Gerrard is a former European Football (Soccer) player best known for being the central midfielder for the eminent soccer club Liverpool. He even captained both the club and the England national team. Today, he continues to be associated with the game as a manager, with his last team being Aston Villa.

If given a choice, which number would you like to be associated with and why? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Enola Holmes 2 streaming on Netflix.

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