Millie Bobby Brown Never Considered Florence by Mills As Work, It Is More Than That: “a place where you seek harmony”

Millie Bobby Brown Never Considered Florence by Mills As Work, It Is More Than That: “a place where you seek harmony”

Millie Bobby Brown is a brand in itself now. The actress has accrued tremendous fame and glory worldwide at an early age. Starting her career as a massive breakout in the American sci-fi Stranger Things and later in Enola Holmes, she has rightfully made her way to be called one of Netflix’s gems. But apart from the screen, there’s something more to Millie’s talents. Most of you mustn’t have known this but the eighteen-year-old star is the founder of a cosmetic brand, Florence by Mills.

So how did Millie start this brand? What does it have? Here’s a detailed description of her products that have been launched so far.

Millie Bobby Brown and her beauty brand date years back to when she was just 14

The star feels that Florence by Mills is somewhere people can come to from all over the world. If you want to nurture yourself, this is the right place for you. It’s a real family for the star. As someone who suffers from anxiety, Millie believes everyone should find “a place where you seek harmony. That’s exactly what Florence is for the star. It has never felt like a job but a home that she can go back to even at the end of her day.

Right from her childhood, Millie loved to be in front of cameras. As a result, the star has been used to mirrors and make-up since she was nine years old. Wearing makeup and creating different versions of herself is one of her many hobbies. According to her, Florence started to develop in late 2017, and early 2018. “I was on a plane ride and I brought makeup to keep me busy. I realized that I found so much comfort in doing makeup. I loved not the idea of covering up who I was, but of creating different versions of me,said the 18-year-old actress.

What does her beauty brand consist of?

Her clean beauty brand thus started to come to being. The company offers a collection of cosmetics and tools for all skin types. Soon after the launch, an eye balm designed to combat the dark circles of late-night study sessions sold out immediately. The Enola Holmes actress also had an eye shadow palette named Bethnal Green because that’s where her grandmother lived her whole life. Florence has everything from gorgeous eyeliners and a sweet relaxing face wash to tints and foundations.

Some of Millie’s top picks are Eyeliner in Rolling and Maple Holistics Organics Cold-Pressed Evening Primrose Oil. Either of which is available for under $15. While her next pick, RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, comes at $98. The list of all her products is available on the official site of the beauty brand. Check them all out right here!

Do you use Florence by Mills products? Let us know what you think of the Stranger Things actress’s makeup brand.

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