Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Unveil Their Hidden Talent in 5 Seconds With “Shared Looks” From ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Unveil Their Hidden Talent in 5 Seconds With “Shared Looks” From ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp’s friendship has been the talk of the town forever. This Stranger Things duo is far more than “just co-stars”. They have a 7-year-old strong friendship. However, their characters, El and Mike, don’t have much to share onscreen in the show. But, off-screen, Millie and Noah spend a lot of time together.

Since the cast has been busy promoting the show, they have been doing zillions of interviews. They’re even doing a lot of fun exercises and talking about their bonds with their costars. Read more to find out about Millie and Noah’s latest video.

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Millie Bobby Brown has never complimented her best friend

Recently, these two best friends, along with Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink, appeared in a video for Glamour and took a friendship test. They describe each other using emojis, trust falls together, share their pet peeves, and more.

They did a total of three exercises and answered some questions about each other. It was a tough fight between Millie-Noah and Sadie-Maya. Apparently, it wasn’t much of a hardship for the two best friends. However, Sadie and Maya, though having a seeding friendship, did better than expected.

In the third exercise, when Millie was asked to compliment Noah, she said, “I’ve never complimented you before”. However, she followed it by actually complimenting her best friend and saying, “Noah you make every room light up with your charisma”.

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What games did they play?

The first exercise was to “Mimic a Hidden Talent.” Maya and Sadie’s hidden talent was that they were incredible spy players. However, Millie and Noah showed how they can do really good shared looks. Apparently, they can make any scene look super intense.

The second exercise was to do Trust Falls. The two girls handled each other pretty well. Whereas Millie had a slight distrust in her best friend, and while it was her chance to hold him, she found him a bit too heavy and couldn’t do it right.

The third exercise consisted of complimenting each other with emojis. The best friends were super confident and claimed that they did not need emojis to compliment each other. However, Sadie and Maya used a lot of emojis and understood each other’s reactions perfectly.

Overall, Sadie and Maya’s friendship seemed to be very mature, whereas Noah and Millie were still enjoying their typical teenage friendship. One viewer made a hilarious comment on this friendship challenge.

All in all, it was fun watching these stars do such challenges. Watch Stranger Things season 4 to see their on-screen chemistry!

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