Mike & El Stans Are Not Up For This Heart-To-Heart Between Will and Mike

Mike & El Stans Are Not Up For This Heart-To-Heart Between Will and Mike

Stranger Things season 4 found a new angle on Eleven and Mike’s relationship which turned this love story into a triangle. As Eleven and Mike grow distant in season 4 the story turned toward the bromance of Will and Mike. Childhood best friends have always been close to each other however this friendship is taking new turns. Since the teenage characters are moving toward a more mature viewpoint in season 4, Will is shown under perplexing circumstances. 

How does the separation effect relationships in Stranger Things season 4? 

After Eleven and Byers family to California away from Mike things start getting troublesome for El. Angela and her friends keep bullying Eleven but she keeps on hiding everything from Mike. Eleven has no supernatural powers at the beginning of season 4 which makes her more vulnerable. Besides Mike who is unaware of her condition visits her and Will in California.

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And just because they both have never faced separation before as Eleven can’t seem to balance things on her own. Unfortunately, Eleven and Mike have a serious couple fight this season and couldn’t pass through it till the end. As Eleven breaks down in the scene and says “but you don’t… you don’t love me anymore.

On the other hand, Will and Mike also have a big fight at the same time. Will tells him that Eleven has lied to him since she left Hawkins and still he is stuck on her. He questions Mike why haven’t called him much while he was constantly writing letters to Eleven.

Will and Mike having a soulful talk in Stranger Things season 4 episode 4

The most iconic episode “Dear Billy” comes with many challenges and terror as Eleven is off to Nevada with Dr. Owens. While Will, Mike, and Jonathan are under house arrest in California whereas Max is under Vecna’s curse. Viewers get to see a reconciling conversation between best friends as Mike apologizes for his previous behavior.

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Will is completely emotional in the scene when Mike conveys his feelings about how things have suddenly changed between them. Although he wants to reunite his friendship with Will as they are better together. In addition, they also talk about how he and Eleven are going through a bad phase. Where Byers advises Wheeler that she will come around because this year has been difficult for her. This scene has entirely charmed fans and they wish to see more of Byers and Wheeler scenes in the upcoming season. Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 currently trending as Top 1 on Netflix.

Let’s look into some fan reactions about Mike and Will’s relationship in Stranger Things

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