“Made the illest..” – Will.i.am Explains What Kanye West Did After Losing to Black Eyed Peas At The 2006 VMAs

“Made the illest..” – Will.i.am Explains What Kanye West Did After Losing to Black Eyed Peas At The 2006 VMAs

Will.i.am still has a fresh memory of what Kanye West did after losing at the 2006 VMAs. Now Ye is known for stirring up certain controversies, with the 2009 Taylor Swift one being a famous incident. But the Black Eyed Peas member is actually proud of what West did after losing to them in a song category.

Ye may have made many enemies because of his sudden outbursts. However, there are some who appreciate the aspect of the passionate entertainer. Calling the move ‘genius’, Will.i.am explained why he thinks what the ‘Donda’ singer did after his defeat.

Will.i.am recalls how losing at the VMAs led Kanye West to create something genius

While competition is always cutthroat in the music industry, artists often back each other for their creations. During a recent interview with HipHopDx, Will.i.am revealed how Kanye West lost to them but, “then used it and made the illest Hip Hop song ever made.” Ye’s revenge was creating the song ‘N*ggas in Paris’ which was a collaboration with Jay-Z.

Black Eyed Peas won in the Best Hip Hop Video category during the 2006 VMAs for their hit number, My Humps. The category for that year had some of the best hits of the nominated artists. This included Daddy Yankee’s Rompe, Stay Fly by Three Mafia, Testify by Commons, and Ye’s Gold Digger. This song was one of the rare collaborations of Ye and Jamie Foxx, which topped the US Billboard Top 100 board.

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So instead of debating or striking against the Awards, the singer made a statement by releasing one of his biggest hits.

How Ye made a comeback to bag awards

Kanye West keeps a record for being the Highest Grammy winner in the Hip Hop category with 24 Awards. His 2011 song ‘N*ggas in Paris’ won Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

Despite not winning for ‘Gold Digger’ at VMAs, he has over 40 nominations and 5 wins with MTV Music Awards. Now, Jay-Z and Kanye West are no longer on the best of terms. But the duo performed ‘N*ggas in Paris’ for several years after the release. As for the Black Eyed Peas member, he went on to make his solo albums after a successful run with his music group.

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