WATCH: Throwback to the Time When Kanye West and Jamie Foxx Recorded Their Collab “Slow Jamz”

WATCH: Throwback to the Time When Kanye West and Jamie Foxx Recorded Their Collab “Slow Jamz”

Kanye West might have been a part of a lot of controversies lately, but this does not argue with the fact that he is an exceptional artist. The 45-year-old singer is a 24-time Grammy award winner and a top-class fashion expert. West’s own brand Yeezy was an international brand that had partnerships with brands like Adidas. However, Adidas broke ties with Yeezy because of Ye’s anti-semantic remark making.

His sudden downfall was because of some of the bizarre controversies he became a part of; otherwise, Yeezy alone used to add 4–5 billion to this artist’s net worth. Recently, an old clip of Yeezus and Jamie Foxx went viral over the internet, in which they can be seen recording something.

On which songs did Kanye West and Jamie Foxx bond?

It is always a pleasure to watch the behind-the-scenes of some of the greatest creations. It’s especially enjoyable to watch Kanye West work when he was previously solely focused on music. Recently, a certain someone called The Insomnious posted on Twitter an old recording session of Ye and Foxx jamming on a song.

The song, which they can be seen recording, is ‘Slow Jamz,’ which came out in the year 2004. This old clip dates back to about 19 years, when Ye was slowly and steadily moving towards his rise in fame. The song was a part of Ye’s Kamikaze album and also featured Twista along with Jamie Foxx.

The clip is actually a part of Kanye West’s Netflix documentary, jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy. It is a series that was filmed over two decades and focuses on the rise of the rapper. The documentary narrates the story of the controversial rapper and how he became an emerging star from the beginning.

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A fan wrote in the comment section of the tweet that he is happy that this historic moment was recorded. Watching the making of our favorite stars always fascinates us as well as inspires us. However, the past year of the 45-year-old rappers is not inspiring at all. Or maybe you will get to see all of the current happening in the sequel of the series.

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