“Luckiest guys on Earth” – Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Win “Freedom of the County Borough of Wrexham” Despite Opposition From Within

“Luckiest guys on Earth” – Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Win “Freedom of the County Borough of Wrexham” Despite Opposition From Within

Ryan Reynolds and his dear friend Rob McElhenney are all set to have a fabulous Christmas and New York. Ahead of the holidays, the Wrexham AFC owners have been greeted with the good news of receiving the civic honor, Freedom of the County Borough of Wrexham. Reynolds and McElhenney are being awarded for their contribution towards promoting the Welsh city.

The actor and producer took over the Wrexham Football Club in February last year for over $2.4 million. In their stint as co-owners, the club reached the FA Trophy Final at Wembley, while they also got worldwide recognition with the Disney + show Welcome to Wrexham. However, the decision to honor Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney has not been unanimous. 

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Ryan Reynolds grateful for the award 

The decision of awarding Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney with the Freedom of the County award was taken in the council meeting on Wednesday. As many as 46 members voted in the favor of the decision. However, two conservative councilors cast their vote against the Hollywood actors. Taking the decision of the majority into consideration, the council has decided to organize a ceremony next year to honor the actors

Ryan Reynolds joined the meeting virtually to express his gratitude for receiving the big award. The Deadpool actor looked extremely happy with the honor given to them. He called the town home to the most beautiful stories on Earth. Reynolds also promised that he and McElhenney will continue their efforts into increasing the popularity of Wrexham all across the globe. 

“What this town has given us is immeasurable. Our goal is to uphold the values of this community in this club. We consider ourselves genuinely the luckiest guys on Earth. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and your special community. We’re eternally grateful,” the Canadian-American actor was quoted as saying by Metro

Last week, Conservative leader Rossett Cllr Hugh Jones expressed his disagreement with awarding Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. He was of the opinion that two actors have supported racism by liking an Instagram post by striker Paul Mullin that showcased football boots with the slogan **** the Tories.

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