Love Is Blind Season 2 Teaches You the 7 Things You Must Avoid at All Cost on the Pod Dating Show

Love Is Blind Season 2 Teaches You the 7 Things You Must Avoid at All Cost on the Pod Dating Show

Love is Blind is all about falling in love with the person and not their physical appearance. To reiterate this, the makers separated the singles by an opaque white wall. The couples date in the pods and once they find the one, they get engaged. But sometimes this noble idea didn’t quite work well with some of the contestants. Recently, Netflix released a video about dating tips. Let’s find out some of the seven things you must never do on the reality dating show.

Things to never do on a date – Love is Blind edition

Be obsessed with appearance

Abhishek Shake Chatterjee, shattered the viewers’ and Deepti’s expectations as soon as he uttered the question, “Will I have trouble picking you up?” Deepti was stupefied for a few minutes before she put him in his place and said, “That comes off very superficial.”  

Expecting someone else and calling out the wrong name

Shayne mixed up Natalie’s voice with Shaina, but he wasn’t apologetic about it. When it looked like he was about to apologize, he does a U-turn and says Natalie can’t blame him. 

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Being overconfident

A contestant revealed that the guy she liked, Nick had two number 1s. She was pretty confident that one was her and the other one was Holly. Despite the producer correcting her that it’s Danielle, she disregards him. Well, it turned out she wasn’t really a competition to Danielle. 

Giving up too easily on Love is Blind

Love doesn’t come easy and Brandon admitted defeat right after a rejection. In a dating show, you gotta fight for your love. 

Not confessing at the right time 

Holding back your feelings doesn’t do you any good. Shaina learns it the hard way after Shayne rejects her. By the time she mustered up her courage to confess, Natalie and Shayne had grown closer.

Avoid sharing serious conversation

Trust and communication is the key to a stable relationship. However, Kyle and Shaina were lacking in that. 

Not putting the haters down

Shayne and Natalie questioned their relationship after others started calling them a fraud couple. 

Despite season 2 being a hot pile of mess, Iyanna and Jarette emerged as the couple with the most stable and healthy relationship. 

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